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June Wrap-Up || Half-year freak out || Insane-ness

I cannot believe half the year is already over. Wasn’t it just..January? And we’re already up to JULY now?

I mean literally, was it just me? Did the first half of 2021 just fly away like this? My sense of time is really messed up. EACH WEEK PASSES SO QUICKLY. IT WAS LEGIT JUST FRIDAY, HOW ARE WE ON MONDAY AGAIN?

Why..why..Time slow downnnn. Please stay here while I go and cry over spending half of 2021 inside my house.

*goes to cry*


*wipes her tears*

*comes back*

Yes, so, *sniffs* this is my first wrap-up post annnnnnd I don’t know if we’re going to have this every month. We might, we might not.

Let’s scroll on with it, shall we?

Books I read this month

1.What’s not to Love- Austin Seigemund Broka- Emily Wibberly

June was the month I started reading again. I stopped reading back when I stopped blogging, to focus on studies. And I started this month. I haven’t read much this month. Only 3 books, but I think that’s enough. There’s a lot going on right now you know πŸ˜‚.

This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2021. And, it disappointed me. You can find more about it over at my review here.

3 stars

2. Today Tonight Tomorrow- Rachel Lynn Solomon

I guess I liked this book. The sarcasm was on point, and the storyline was nice. I didn’t feel any chemistry between our protagonists tho. (Yes I forgot their names). I liked the whole ‘Howl’ game theme. That was nice. But yeah, it’s a good book.

4 stars

3. Recommended For You- Laura Silverman

I just finished this book! Like on Sunday, and it was so so so GOOD! The Holiday season, Jake and his cooking stuff, how our protagonists are flawed, the friendships, aaaaahhhh!!! Lovely!

4 stars

TBR for July

Song stats

Top Artists this month-

I like this blend of artists!

Top tracks-


Stuff I’m happy about this month

  1. Um…my exams ended. So yeahhh.
  2. Covid cases are decreasing here.
  3. I finished this really bad chapter in this subject I study.
  5. My editor.
  6. The fact that I can go biking because Covid cases are decreasing.
  9. My handwriting has improved, though I don’t do anything.
  10. This blog is a month old now!
  12. I finished this web series that was going on from agesssssss.
  13. The blog designing I’ve been doing.
  15. I’m just really happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Stuff I’m not happy about this month

  1. Nothing.

Goals for July-

  1. Read those three gorgeous books.
  2. Finish that mountain-load of homework I have.
  3. Schedule posts more often (rather then doing them at the last moment).
  4. Write reviews after finishing books, instead of being lazy.
  5. Stick to the new schedule (more on that below)

Posts I posted in June-

Answering Bookish Auto Suggested Questions!

The Aesthete Blogger Award!

My Fictional To-Do List

Book Review~~What’s Not To Love- Emily Wibberly and Austin Seigemund Broka

A little something you should know! : )

Book Recommendations for each Hogwarts house!

Playlist Swap Collab with Poorwa!

It’s been a month of Bookishly Yours!

Blog thoughts-

Blog-wise, June was a very productive month. I kept on schedule and although I wrote at the last moment quite I few times, I love how it all worked out. Also, I know I’m going to be better for July, because of my lovely editor. Writing posts has become even more enjoyable with your hilariousness : ). July, I’m ready to stare into your eyes and tell you that I’m keeping on schedule.

I also liked this blend of posts I published in June, 2 book reviews, 3 bookish fun stuff, 1 collab and 2 celebratory posts! I love it! I’d want to schedule more of your collabs in July ( I’m so sorry for being late in replying to you guys for collabs requests!). And yeah! I liked this month very much blog-wise!

Blog schedule for July-

I’ll be changing up my schedule a bit. Instead of posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll now post on Mondays and Fridays, as it is more consistent-gap wise. The time for them getting published is around 9:30 AM IST.

Note- This starts from next week, ie Monday 5/7/2021.

Posts to look forward to in July!-

Oooh this is interesting!! You can expect a super fun collab, a review (because obviously), answers for assumptions, tags and awards and lots more! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff! this did not just become a podcast.

Overall thoughts-

June was a month that flew past quicker than you can say ‘Sep not again’. I don’t know if I liked this month, in general. I lost this really cute notebook I had, which is just annoying. I haven’t written much in my diary which is tragic. I did enjoy chattering away all day. Also, I was literally studying this whole month long, so I don’t think I liked it very much. But there’s nothing June did to offend me..And tons of good stuff too. So I’m very neutral on June.

I really enjoyed doing this wrap-up. And now that I have a format, I think the chances of me doing another one have just increased tons more!

And that’s a wrap for the last post of June. *cries* This month is over. JUNE 2021 IS OVER *grins*. See you people in the comments below!

stop looking at me like that, I’ll make a new signoff soon okay?

111 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up || Half-year freak out || Insane-ness

    1. I don’t listen to hindi much, and I’m def not an Arijit fan, I prefer Atif Aslam. This month, all of a sudden, I wanted to listen to hindi yeah..I made a whole playlist.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Why do our spotify artists match exactly? Thats insane. You listen to Arijit Singh? And yeah, it seemed that January, was only last month.
    Great post Sep!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ikr… I stopped having a sense of time too!! And did you just say trigonometry is easy??! Either we are in different classes or I’m really really dumb (most probably the later) πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great sep! That’s a good amount of books girl!
    And I wanted to tell you something. I am going on kind of a haiutus! Just like you did. Maybe I will come back ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why is everyone so obsessed with my editor? Be obsessed with ME.
      oh yeah totally, 24 hours is a huge deal. SO MUCH TIME. TOTALLY.
      why do you hate it so much, Ray? I might not change it to annoy you…
      *laughs in an evil way*


  4. You’re worry over here by time going too fast, and I’m happy it did? I just wish the virus would disappear and the pandemic ends..I’m so sick of staying home🀧😷
    Also..I haven’t been motivated to read anything at all this month, I swear I didn’t even get to complete a book I started, even if I love reading. You read a good amount of books, I really need to get new ones.😬
    Your blog content for this month was really good! Sorry I haven’t been catching up, hopefully this long-ish comment makes up for it?πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
    And this montly wrap was great- I stopped doing mine bc I didn’t know what to include – so this inspired me 😁
    Well that’s about everything I have to say xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I want the virus to go away too..but the thing is, times going too fast. These are supposed to be the golden years of my life (cliche yes). But I barely wink and half the year passes by! I wish it would just slow down a bit so I can relish for once and all.
      Ahh a reading slump is the worst, don’t beat up yourself because of it.
      Thank you!! It’s alright! Ahh so glad to know that. : )

      Liked by 1 person

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