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Answering bookish auto suggested questions!

Hello lovely bloggers and the world beyond!

So many new members joined us in the past couple of days! Here’s a welcome for all of you and June!—

So onto today’s post. I am superrrrrrrrrr excitedddddddddd toooooooo dooooooooo ittttttttttttttttt.

Let’s dive (scroll) right in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh I forgot to tell you what it’s about

Well, today I’ll be answering questions related to books that come up in the auto suggestions of Google. I got this idea, yet again, while talking to a friend. Also credit to Riddhi for doing something similar.

So apparently, I had said a certain lyric “I might just crown you and make you my queen” is adorable. And my friend, of course, searched it up. And guess what google did?

Because “drowning” is the PERFECT lyric πŸ™„

Right so let’s get on with it!

Question 1. Why are books important?

Well, why is oxygen important? TO LIVE. Books for me, are necessary to live. For others, well vocab? Enjoyment? Peace of mind? Happiness? Escaping reality? Fantasy boyfriends? Fantasy girlfriends? New worlds? Adventure?

Do you need any more reason to know why they are important? Huh? Do you?

Question 2. Why are books better than movies?

See, every sane reader out there will force tell you to believe that…






And they really are. There are tons of reasons but let me give some logical ones.

1) You can imagine the characters as who you want.
-No weird celebrity thrust in your beautiful imagination of the protagonist.

2) You can relish it.
– There is a reason that movies are short and books aren’t. You can relish it for days and days and dayssssss.

(I love long books for a reason)

3) You can know all the details (that the movies gladly left out)
Professor Bins existed you know.


Question 3. Why are books so expensive?

A lot of effort goes into book you know. Writing it, writing it again, writing it yet again, editing it, publishing it, distributing it, marketing it. And lots more. Do you guys know how much authors RESEARCH? I had to come up with names for my book (currently dormant) and it took me a week to come up with that. A WEEK. Authors are humans too! Every book that has ever been published, takes so much time, patience and love. So you know, books are actually worthless. And the price you pay, is very less. So, you know, appreciate it.

Question 4. Why are books important for a child’s development?

Apart from the obvious literacy skills. Books help in imagination, thinking and and establishing a love for literature. Literature prepares you for life. No, I am not an English teacher, and no, I cannot elaborate more.

On to the nexttttttttt!!!!!!!!

Question 5. Why are books our best friends?

Because they teach us, make us laugh, cry, scream, get angry, cringe, get all lovey-dovey and become Bloody Mary. Books take us on an emotional roller coaster, and best of all? They don’t abandon you, EVER.

So best friends right?

I hope this post made you realize that, books, infact, are the very soul of the world. Like Doctor Seuss said “The more you read the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

Ending this post on a bookish note, as always. : )

How is it?? And yes, I love the color blue.

38 thoughts on “Answering bookish auto suggested questions!

  1. Professor Binns ahhhhh…..Books are so MUCH better than movies. Like if you’ve read Percy Jackson and saw those movies, you can easily tell that they’re just trash. I agree with whatever you said in this post!
    Your sense of humor is so light hearted, i love it!
    Waiting for more sepppp….!!!

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      1. RP1 = Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. Have you read it, or seen the movie?

        I had a bad feeling that the movie was going to take the same basic premise and characters but change all the details. I was worried about that, because the details were what made the book so good, to me. I was right that that was basically what they did, but they kept just enough of the spirit of the book to still make the movie enjoyable. The book was way better, though.

        I’ll admit, though, that most of those details were references to movies and video games and music, and it probably would have been nearly impossible to get the rights to use all of those references in that level of detail. The author of the book also worked on the movie, so they didn’t just toss stuff out without his approval.

        What’s really brilliant, though, is that the book is told in the first person, and the author (writing from the future, looking back on the events that made him famous) said that after all of that happened, many movies and books were made telling his story, and they all got the details wrong. So I like to think of the movie as one of those movies that got the details wrong… and the book predicted this seven years before the movie was made. πŸ™‚

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      2. I haven’t done either…Adding it to my TBR right now.

        WOW! So the author predicted it? That logic makes so much sense. It’s almost like it was fate!

        Thanks for the lovely explanation Greg!

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      3. The book is a blend of nostalgia and sci-fi, a love letter to Generation X popular culture set in a dystopian near future. In the 2040s, the problems of this generation have never been solved, the world is falling apart, and most people spend all of their time in this virtual reality world, that started out as a massive multiplayer video game but grew to take over the entire Internet. The creator of that world died a few years earlier and left his entire fortune to whomever can find and solve a series of hidden puzzles. The puzzles are based on the video games and movies of the creator’s childhood (that’s where the Generation X pop culture comes in, and those are the references that the movie people couldn’t get all the rights to, so they made different, simpler puzzles for the movie). The main character is part of a subculture dedicated to learning about all that stuff so they can solve the puzzles, but once he and his friends start to figure out the puzzles, some powerful corporate types who want to take over the virtual reality world for themselves and use it to make money step in…

        I believe the sequel to the book is out, but I haven’t read it yet… something I need to do once my life settles down.

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      4. (I don’t remember how old you are since I’ve only known you on here a few days, but I should also offer the disclaimer that the book contains occasional inappropriate language.)


  2. I love reading books. But I like movies better! Now don’t come at me for that! I won’t lie so that you don’t think I am a jerk πŸ˜‚! Apart from the philosophical mindset I enjoy movies better than books. And that’s my opinion others have different opinions πŸ’•!
    Now come on people, kill me cause I like movies more πŸ˜‚

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    1. Ahh glad to know! I had so much fun writing it…

      Ooh I’m very fun..I bet my irl friends would agree..

      Go ahead and stalk it….I have a logical reason you’re a good person (you used exclamation marks!!!!)

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