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blog tour- Lucien & I | review + gifs!

first of all, using ‘&’ in a book’s title is *chef’s kiss*

I was very lucky to be selected by Turn the Pages Tour as a tour host. thank you to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book. all the following opinions are unbiased and my own.*

also this book?

it was everything I needed to motivate me to study bio

which I’m still not doing.

Lucien & I

TITLE: Lucien & I
AUTHOR: Sasha Clinton
PUBLISHER: self published
RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2022
GENRES: Adult romance, Adult medical romance


Grey’s Anatomy meets The Hating Game in Sasha Clinton’s #ownvoices contemporary romance novel…

Mira Krishnan is a cardiothoracic surgery fellow whose three big goals in life are:
1. Achieve superstardom in the field of heart surgery
2. Crush Lucien Stone by showing him that she’s the superior heart surgeon.
3. Fall in love with someone who is NOT Lucien Stone so she can erase her 19-year-long crush on him.

Lucien and Mira have been rivals since high school, and she’d like nothing more than to wipe that smug, overconfident smirk off his devastatingly handsome face.

But when their rivalry goes too far and they’re caught in the middle of a fight by the program director, Mira’s life changes. To avoid being expelled from the fellowship for failing to conduct themselves in an appropriate, collegiate manner, Lucien and Mira are forced to lie about dating each other so they can dismiss their behavior as extreme flirting. But going on fake dates, vacations, and spending time together makes them realize that underneath all the jibes and rivalry, there’s potential for something more…and perhaps, instead of looking into other people’s hearts, they need to look into their own.  

my review:

i feel like this book was exactly what I need. right book, right time, right person vibes??

well, this book is a crushes-hate-fake dating-love book. like i say, we love drama, and we love complicated relationships.

Mira, is our protagonist, she’s highly competitive, a doctor, a littttle insecure, ok actually maybe a lot insecure and also in love with her co-worker Lucien Stone.
Lucien is the guy who has everything, good looks check, good sass check, good money check good parents? about that……

i really really liked this story because of how human both the characters were, especially Mira. in almost all my reviews I talk about how important it is for the main characters to have flaws, to appear human and to connect with the readers. Mira definitely connected with me.

as an asian daughter, I know how hard it is for asian parents to display affection for their children. i loved how the book tacked that aspect of the indian culture. indian parents? they are extremely strict and appear cold, but deep inside they love you. I really admire how Mira stood up to her mother and established that she can’t deal with this twisted way of affection. that was something very unique.

something else I liked, was Mira and Lucien’s banter, they’re both so fond of each other it has me literally melting on the floor. I loved how the ‘hate’ and ‘enemies’ part wasn’t overdone and we could see them having lighthearted but deadly competition.

lucien & i was a feel good romance that I would def recommend reading.

things i loved:
*lucien and mira banter
*how the side characters were all AWESOME
*mira refusing to let lucien buy the dress for her. STANING HER. mira>>>>>

things i did not like:
*not much exploring on lucien’s family
*impracticality of the misunderstanding that propelled their rivalry
*the book could’ve shortened the ending, that ‘big confession’ felt a little unnecessary

Sasha Clinton

Sasha Clinton is an author of funny, addictive contemporary romances and romantic comedies. Her heroines are smart and sassy and her heroes are strong yet sensitive. When not writing, she can be found reading, watching k-dramas, and eating chocolate. To purchase her books, please visit her Amazon profile!


I think this book is exactly what it projects itself through it’s summary.

It’s full of badass strong lady moments, awwww they are so cute moments and DAMN that was a burn moments.

The perfect combination of humor, romance, sarcasm and misunderstandings.


⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 / 5

that’s all for today! thank you for reading this review!! see you all on friday


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