hi…..ik i’ve been mia



Gosh. It has been so long since I thought of myself at sep.


ok, so. The point is, I miss you all a lot..but I just can’t muster up the energy to post much.

And I think I have a few reasons for that.

first of all, when I started ‘bookishly yours’ it was the covid pandemic *ugh* I didn’t reallyyyyy have friends and the friends I did have? I couldn’t meet them. So the first reason I started bookishlyyours wash because the loneliness.

however, NOW

I’ve matured from an awk teen to a not-so-awk teen. And I’ve got friends, and Mr Editor, people, who ALWAYS got my back.

Reason 2 that I started bookishlyyours? Cause I had too much time, and not enough work. Simply speaking…online classes? online homework? such a bore and super easy.

and now? the situation is exactly the opposite.. too much to do and not enough time.

*laughs in procrastination*

anyways…I can’t remember anymore reasons rn..I’m too distracted.

So here’s a shot in the dark. Hoping all of you are still there somehow.



22 thoughts on “hi…..ik i’ve been mia

  1. I’m still here, Sep! I completely relate to the whole having a lot less time now than before thing…
    It was nice seeing you pop in! I hope you continue to come around every now and then. I’m glad you have friends though…that’s fantastic!

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  2. Glad to see u back! I feel like lots of bloggers are mia. Even i’m here and there, not always posting.
    Nice post, I mean it’s just a follow up butttt wellll looking forward to some more posts!

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      1. oh what? my brain is messed up. I thought you were older than me? like. 2 yrs??????? no????????//ok.

        suuuper embarassed rn


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