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the ULTIMATE cheat sheet to completing your goodreads goal

hey guys! welcome back to bookishlyyours!!

oh and be sure to read this on my website! I customized it all over again to fit a very specific taylor swift vibe!!

so, the goodreads book challenge, is basically a goal you set at the starting of the year, aiming to read a chosen number of books.

if you are like, you probablyyyy set a very high goal that seems quite achievable.

which spoiler, it’s not.

so now, I find myself in the second half of september(how???) with a goal that I’m not so gracefully lagging behind on.

so, I made my brain work on something other than pcmb and think of a plan to get that goal and the abstract sense of achievement that comes with it.

chaotic idea 1: read short books

novellas? short stories? pocket books?


I hadn’t really read any short books before I read ‘evidences of the affair’ by taylor jenkins reid and honestly I fell in love with it

it made me realise that short books does not necessarily mean boring books. i’ve been delving into the worlf of short books and it’s enjoyable, super un time consuming and increases your ‘read’ shelf super fast!!

chaotic idea 2: participate in book challenges

so i dunno if you realise this or not. but the whole reason we’re in this problem is because- the competitive spirit that yours truly has.

hey don’t blame me, it’s a scorpio thing.

so, to give that competitive spirit a little me time, there’s nothing better to do that get into a book challenge or a bet or a race or a contest with your book buddies!

chaotic idea 3: find love at first sight

not the romantic kind, but the book kind.

ok, so you know THOSE books? the one you read a quote or a line or the blurb of the book and you instantly want to start reading it asap?

yeah. find more of those.

and how?

by scrolling through the book lists, bookstagram, and booktube.

chaotic idea 4: revisit your tbr

sooo many books get backlisted in the wide expanses of your ever growing tbr

like, I remember so many books, that I really really really wanted to read, but I tbr-ed and forgot about it.

or there could be some books you tbr-ed before they released and have forgotten about it.

we’ve all been there.

I am sure, if I revisit my tbr and find those amazing books, I’d def want to read them without interruptions and finish them ASAP.

chaotic idea 5: add some *not so typical* books

ok, so, THIS is the real stuff.

you know how you have coursebooks for school?

do you know you can add them as ‘read’ on goodreads?

if you did, you’re super cool, i adore you.

if you didn’t, well you know now!

so I recently added the class xi physics book 1 to my ‘read’ books and I’ve been feeling REALLY clever over that. tbh? it’s a pretty clever hack.

that’s all for today guys! I do know I’ve been late in posting this, but I have a physics exam on tuesday :(.

see you all on 20th with a special blog tour post!!

did you like the new changes I’ve made to the site??????

let me know in the comments below!!


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