At the end of the day,
Drooping shoulders, tired eyes
I look for you to show me the way
I look for that one smile
That’s brighter than a sunray

Peck on my cheek
You whispering that I’m unique
Like always, I’ll believe you

Close my eyes
Show me that smile
Because who would I be,
Without you?

So, pull me into you,
Envelop me into your aura
We’ll forget the old, the new
We’ll begin another tale
Just you and me.

Laying my head on your shoulders
So soothing I forget,
All about those worries, those scary boulders
Those self imposed threats

Darling, show me the way
I’ll follow, anywhere you go
Let’s chase away the grey
And enjoy this glow

Happy 6 month anniversary Mr Editor. You know I know that you know I love you.

It’s 6 months. Of both my blog and of Mr Editor and me.

I have been waiting for today for a loong looooooooooong time. ZD. And it’s finally here?

I don’t know what to say. It’s been a year of me blogging, but bookishlyyours is 6 months old. I’ve been at my most vulnerable on this blog, and I can’t thank you all enough. For being so nice and welcoming and supporting. All the friends I’ve made here, they matter a lot. Here’s to Pannaga, Ray, PBJ, Riddhi, Simran and Nehal. Thanks for making me feel like a part of the blogging world!

A very special shoutout to our little Betty. Betty, it’s so amazing when someone calls you their inspiration, and you’ve done that a few times with me. I am really really happy that I inspire you. Good luck!!

That’s it for today. See you guys on Friday!

29 thoughts on “Glow

  1. Yayy happy Anniversary Mr editor and Sep! And HAPPY 6 MONTHS BLOGOVERSARY! Also this poem is SO good, like all your poems are amazing, but this one is the BEST poem😂 I think you shall start a series “BLOGOVERSARY” and every month write a poem like this and the hey one on 24th ZD
    Thanks for that shout out Sep!!🤧

    Liked by 1 person

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