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Genie, genie, here I come!


So, my boards will start soon, like by the time this post gets published, I’d only have like 2 days or something.*pain*

Well, anyway, I can procrastinate solving science question banks with this post, because why not.🙂

I was kind of in a bookish blog slump. Honestly, I still am I have no idea what to do about that. WHERE DO I GET NEW AND COOL IDEAS FROM?


Transported to a desert, Sep looks around. Wait what, wasn’t she literally on her table? Pounding her head because she couldn’t come up with ideas? Well, she thought, looking around. Probably just a dream. She got up, brushing the little speckles of dust that glisten in the evening sun. Oh no, if it’s evening, then it must be night soon. I mean yeah, DUH Sep. She started walking as if she had a plan in her mind. She didn’t, but you know what they say. Fake it till you think it. (make it, but we’ll ignore her little edition).

Looking around she saw she was actually deserted….in a desert and hungry for dessert. Wait a second. Is that an earring? Sep runs as if her life is on fire, and in this evening heat, it pretty much is. Sep picks the earring up, it’s unusual, she hasn’t seen anything like it. It looks like a..a..coca-cola lid. Sep puts it on, because why not. And..POOF.

HOLA! I am the coca cola genie, I shall grant you 3 wishes. Only 3, and only bookish.

Wish No. 1- I wish that every child in the world has the opportunity to read.

Reading is something that has helped me tremendously. It’s fine if you don’t like books, but I believe every child should have the opportunity to read and discover all theseeeeeeee! We need literacy for those people. And we need PUBLIC LIBRARIES. India definitely needs more libraries.

Wish No. 2- I wish that when I read, I become invisible.

So that they can’t interrupt me while reading! I mean, why does every single person need to talk to me exactly when I sit down, crack my knuckles to READ. WHY WORLD WHY.

Wish No.3- I wish for 3 more bookish wishes.

Naah kidding.

Wish No. 3- I wish movie covers would just stop.

Who even likes those? Business people, I’m telling you, we do NOT buy books because they’ve won an award or have a netflix adaptation or whatever. JUST STOP WITH THOSE NASTY MOVIE COVERS AND UNREMOVABLE STICKERS, REALLY. STOP.

Well well well, that was a super short post.

I like how it turned out tho!

What would you do if a genie allowed you three bookish wishes?

28 thoughts on “Genie, genie, here I come!

  1. This post made me feel like I’m on a book blog and not a poetry blog 😆
    The SECOND wish is soo relatable! You’re doing a part 2 having the cola genie, ok?
    Plus, I’m listening to the RED ALBUM right now!

    Liked by 1 person

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