Christmasphere is back!

Hello dearest bloggers and the wintery, snowy (or sunny) world beyond!

Well, the holiday spirit is already up and running in the blogosphere and I want to redesign my blog so much, but I can’t because it’s a lot of work and boards.

But what I can do, is organise Christmasphere.

If you know me since last year, Christmasphere is my version of Blogmas. It’s basically me publishing posts about the holiday season, guest posts and competitions.

However, this year, I won’t really be able to write so many posts. See- exams. So we’ll only be doing Christmasphere from December 11th to December 25th.

I need 5 guest posts, as of now, to carry on with Christmasphere this year. The posts will be given first come first serve. The guest posts don’t have to be a post, infact they can be anything you want (Paintings, sketches, poems, short stories anything you want!)

The deadline to submit all posts is 8th December 10pm IST.

You can send your posts over at this form-


Do let me know if we can work together for Christmasphere!

PS- You can text me on gchat or shoot me an email if you have any questions and/or want to know if slots are available!

28 thoughts on “Christmasphere is back!

  1. YOU were the one who always talks, right? How can I forget this 🤦🏻‍♀️ But yes, surprise surprise! I have a post ready and that could be the entry for Christmasphere (if there are any entries left) I’ll ask my Irl friends too!

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    1. you can definitely write a poem. About the email part, I’m not really sure how. I’d keep your email anonymous of course, but if you’re not comfortable, I’m open to alternatives.

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