Sarcastic Soap Collab with Ray

First of all, Ray and I are NOT discussing alkalis here. (looks at PBJ) Now, that's established, let's move on. Alrighty now, so as you already know. Ray and I have been doing these for quite some while. We send each other quotes on a particular topic, and sarcastically react to it. But, Sep dear,… Continue reading Sarcastic Soap Collab with Ray

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Sarcastic Song Collab with Ray!

Hello bloggers and the musical world beyond! Here's a tiny story for you guys- Once upon a time, two warriors, Sarcastic Sep and Rainy Rayndrop were keeping on their schedule (or lack thereof), when one of them encountered a mighty beast. The Infamous Blogging Slump. So they decided to combine their forces. But, nothing is… Continue reading Sarcastic Song Collab with Ray!