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Unlimited belief

I want them to knowTo scream it at the top on my lungsBut the world we live in nowDoesn't understand fun I want them to knowEvery poem I write, Is always meant for youI want them to seeOur unlimited belief Most of all,I want you to knowYou are my always personAnd I'll never let you… Continue reading Unlimited belief


A brand new blog series!

Okay, okay I know I said I'm going to disappear under books and paper and stuff, but yeah. Can't stay away from you guys! So, after giving my science exam and having full confidence that the paper went good but the result will be terrible, I bring to you- A BRAND NEW BLOG SERIES. oKaY… Continue reading A brand new blog series!

Wrap Ups

September Wrap-Up || I’m not even bothered about time anymore ||

Hello dearest bloggers and the world beyond! The 9th month is over now and it's BIRTHDAY MONTH! I won't give much of an intro since, wrap-up posts do tend to be quite long. Let's scroll right into it! Warning- I'm listening to Lover while doing this, so kindly excuse random outbursts (if any) Books I… Continue reading September Wrap-Up || I’m not even bothered about time anymore ||



If I asked you why, would you answer?Or hide away from it like a panther?Would you tell me, I'm overreacting or insane?That I'm acting all vain?Tell me I'm wasting your time?Crying over a broken line?Should I be mad you're always late?Pretend that everything is all great? You know I could never leave youBut for this,… Continue reading Why