A collab on quotes with Ashish!

Hello bloggers and the world beyond! I'm back with another collab! Ashish, a wonderful blogging friend and I decided to collab. We had quite contrasting interest, but Ashish came up with an E-P-I-C idea. (which you probably know from the title) For this collab, we've given each other 10 topics and we had to design… Continue reading A collab on quotes with Ashish!


Sarcastic Soap Collab with Ray

First of all, Ray and I are NOT discussing alkalis here. (looks at PBJ) Now, that's established, let's move on. Alrighty now, so as you already know. Ray and I have been doing these for quite some while. We send each other quotes on a particular topic, and sarcastically react to it. But, Sep dear,… Continue reading Sarcastic Soap Collab with Ray


Chit-Chat Interview Collab with Maggie!

Hello, hello, hellooooooooooo! Welcome to another round of let's-type-the-weirdest-intro. Chit-chat-chitty-chat. HOW'S THE JOSH? (for Indian readers only) HOW'S YOUR DAY? (for worldwide readers) HAPPY MONDAY! HAPPY NEW WEEK! HAPPY 23RD AUGHUST! HAPPY 2021! HAPPY HOLIDAY! (for me it is) Recently, Maggie, reached out and I decide to collab. She's such an inspirational blogger, I mean,… Continue reading Chit-Chat Interview Collab with Maggie!


| Interviewing lovely Sneha! | A collab post! |

So, sometime ago, actually, a loooooong time ago, Sneha had texted me about collab. She's such a wonderful blogger and a lovely person. Don't miss out on awesomeness, go visit her blog right here. This collab was days in making, we're finally getting around to doing it today!!!! Before you tell me off for using… Continue reading | Interviewing lovely Sneha! | A collab post! |

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Sarcastic Song Collab with Ray!

Hello bloggers and the musical world beyond! Here's a tiny story for you guys- Once upon a time, two warriors, Sarcastic Sep and Rainy Rayndrop were keeping on their schedule (or lack thereof), when one of them encountered a mighty beast. The Infamous Blogging Slump. So they decided to combine their forces. But, nothing is… Continue reading Sarcastic Song Collab with Ray!