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Dared to Dream.

If I was a little girl again,I'd run and run and runAway from all the painIn the direction of funHop over the meadowsGallop over the fieldsPast the stuffy bungalowsAway from this battlefieldI would have the power of dreamsUntrodden, untouched and raw,Silent as the ray that gleamsA future, that only I shall drawI would hide awayFar… Continue reading Dared to Dream.

Prose · Unfinished- Blog Series

Unlimited belief

I want them to knowTo scream it at the top on my lungsBut the world we live in nowDoesn't understand fun I want them to knowEvery poem I write, Is always meant for youI want them to seeOur unlimited belief Most of all,I want you to knowYou are my always personAnd I'll never let you… Continue reading Unlimited belief