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Tags and Awards (I’m VERY late)

Hey people, so I was just scrolling through my drafts and I noticed, I have tons of tags that I haven't done. So I pulled up my socks (imaginary) (it's too hot to wear socks anyways) and got down to doing them. On today (15/7/21) I still have 3 more tags to go. 🙄. I… Continue reading Tags and Awards (I’m VERY late)


The Aesthete Blogger Award!

Hello dear bloggers and the world beyond!!! Soooooooooooo, I was out of ideas, for this week's post. I kindof also got overwhelmed with school stuff, and then there's this whole test thing going on which is exhausting me.Actually, I wasn't about to post this week, I had decided that I'll post next Tuesday. BUT then… Continue reading The Aesthete Blogger Award!