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talking about the *women in stem* trope

hey guys! welcome back to bookishlyyours.

today i’ll be doing a discussion post, which isn’t seen around here often, but we choose to ignore that don’t we?

yes we do.

moooooving along

‘the women in stem’ trope is quite the rage right now for romance readers. stem which are the academia subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are usually male dominated fields.

female authors are using this trope to their advantage by bringing out experiences of women who are in stem fields. for me, this trope gained relevance with the book ‘love hypothesis’ by ali hazelwood and then I started seeing a whole new trope of books emerge.

let’s be honest, love hypothesis became a BIG deal, and now the ‘women in stem’ trope has become the genre for ali hazelwood.

my thoughts on the trope?

wellllll, it’s complicated.

on one hand, I’m loving the representation these women are dutifully getting, I’m also kindof wary of the new stereotypes we’re making here?

look, I get it. Academia is a hard hard field, even more if you’re a woman in a male dominating field. but I hate how every other male except the love interest is a douche? like, uplifting the women in stem does not mean you downgrade the men?

now now, these are just my thoughts, and for heaven’s sake i do not want any controveries. I just think that to an extent, books can be improved. i see a generalised pattern here, women being repressed because of higher placed idiotic men, which I’m not saying isn’t true, but I’m sure there are cases of niceties in academia too.

and the books? they normalise hating the parts that come with your job. being sleep deprived, antisocial are some stereotypes that are very scaringly becoming normal to assume.

we do the same with people who choose AP classes, or take the science stream, don’t we?

but I need books which show that you can have a social life, however infrequent it is, handling academia or medicine!

I need to know our main characters can be efficient in their work and still have a social life!!

it’s really stupid to assume that people in stem only have friends who are also people in stem. and that they’re way too exhausted to do anything else. I mean people like that are in every workforce.

all work requires hard work, and it’s wrong to make people in stem machines.

at the end of the day, these are only my opinions. you may or may not agree with them and that’s completely ok! this IS a discussion post after all ain’t it?

Well, what about you? Have you ever read a ‘women in stem’ book? What are your thoughts on it? Would you like to try this genre out?

also guys, a little update, tuesdays and thursday were proving to be a littttttle difficult, so I’m going to be switching up posting schedule to tuesday and friday, as it makes more sense logically and gap wise.heheheh

11 thoughts on “talking about the *women in stem* trope

  1. I kind of agree to what you say. I have read few of Ali Hazelwood books and love hypothesis tops the list. Women are put down in many fields but degradation of opposite sex is not cool. Most of the stories have same pattern! Academia or medicine both are tiring field and very less time is left for the person. Your friends are also your peers but most people can balance or try to balance it!

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  2. as a woman in stem myself, i am also *very* wary of the “women in stem” trope. the main thing i see is that it doesn’t represent the myriad of personalities of women (and men!) in stem (hi, i’m lila, an outgoing, extroverted, highly feminine woman who LOVES her career field of physics and is very good at it…but women/femmes like me NEVER get rep other than as being stereotyped as “the bitch” or “the bimbo”) and it also doesn’t leave room for cultural nuance and the difficulties women of non Western cultures face. for example, i’m part arab and in ara cultures, social life is REALLY important, so you would never see ANY person is stem who doesn’t also have an active and vibrant social life. i’d love to see more than one personality and culture repped in these books so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that future releases do us gals in stem actual justice!

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    1. omg yes! I am so glad this post reached you, and even gladder that people who are actually part of this representation have not been offended by my views.

      I agree! all I see about women in stem is that it’s certainly been washed with caucasian women AND men, I’d love to see more diversity. it was amazing reading your comment!!

      the whole reason for a post like this was to take in the experiences and suggestion of all kinds of people, and having a comment from you, makes it sooo much better!

      thanks a lot for tuning in! hope I see you around more often, and let’s hope future books do a better job at capturing real reality!

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  3. I agree to everything there. I have read a couple of this trope’s books and I am reading one now but then it won’t ever feel like equality if some gender is someway or the other hated upon.


  4. hmm, pretty much agree. The only I’ve read with this trope so far is My Mechanical Romance, but I’ve heard a LOT about some others (especially, of course, The Love Hypothesis-).
    and yes, this is one of my first comments in positively ages. *awkward waving*


  5. Ihdqhj2dvudvu33vdb this is such an interesting discussion AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT??!?!? (By a criminal turn of events though, I’ve never read a book with the ‘women in stem trope’ BUT AM RUNNING TO CHANGE THAT, I SWEAR) but everything that you said is SO TRUE and I agree so much (WE NEED MORE BOOKS FEATURING FABULOUS ACADEMIC MINDED PEOPLE ALSO BEING OUTGOING AND FUN AND AMAZING LIKE THAT PLEASE)

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    1. YES. we need people who can manage work and social life because I want to be like them

      is this too much to ask for, no, right? SO AUTHORS. HERE’S A POINT TO NOTE


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