Wrap Ups

the great-the august- wrap up

greetings bloggers and the world beyond, it is now september and way past my day of posting that was thursday, BUT WELL, HERE WE ARE.

August literally slipped away into a moment in time, but all of it was mine and I seriously enjoyed ALL OF IT. LIKE. A LOT. OK?

books i read this month

what i’ve been listening to

cinema stats + tbr

life thoughts

ok guys so class 11th? it’s difficult. and keeping up with posting? it’s even more difficult.

i’ve been feeling ironically left out and too involved which is weird. there are like 3 particular groups of friends I have and it’s a biiiit difficult trying to keep up with all of them. social butterfly? not my forte.

i guess i’m learning how to focus more on me, other than the people in my life. i’m not completely there yet, but i guess it’s happening bit by bit.

like for example, an incident which would’ve mad me absolutely loose it and cry massively, was now handed maturely and went along smoothly.(yay!)

wordpress feels a lit abandoned, and i understand it, i really do. covid time was alllll online and now everyone has school and social life to catch onto. although i miss the old wordpress, i’m happy i was there for it before it ended.

other than all that, life’s great!!


OMG. OK, I LOVE HOW WE WERE ALL CLOWNING ABOUT ‘which rerecording will be next’ and BOOM WE GET TS10.

she is so chaotic ahahah and I love her

midnight seems like it really could be amazing! because 1, I have time to hype it up, like I hyped lover up, and the whole 1 month before it releases, all fan theories will be so much fun.

people are saying it’s a rock album???? and honestly, i would love for it to be a rock punky type album.

so little is known about the album. i think it’s not based on a particular incident, but instead it’s from different points of her life??? i’m not sure, but i am very excited. and october IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH.

12 thoughts on “the great-the august- wrap up

  1. Heyyyyyy, Nehal agrees with points away. August slipped away πŸ˜‚. Hopefully the whole two years slip away fast and the hectic life comes to a rest lol.
    Also loved the wrap up! Those books with the black and white covers look ahem interesting. Worth checking out maybe? πŸ‘€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ooh yes, and then hectic life slips away too and we all party with nehal’s ghost.
      DEF WORTH, these are the second third and fourth books tho, so make sure you read the first one first

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, I totally get the keeping up with blogging and everything- I mean I haven’t sucked so much at creating content since forever! Also oof, 11th grade sucks!
    And yeahhh, August slipped away, but it was mineeee!
    Also, um, your ft image says May wrap up….
    Loved reading your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. true that, it’s very annoying. I am hoping grade 12th will suck less..
      ah does it now, lemme change it..
      like i said grade 11th is really messing with my mind

      Liked by 1 person

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