morning dew

Every conversation
A new sensation
It’s something new
Like morning dew

Let’s step out of line
Do something one of a kind
Me and you
More than just two

We got it right
Forget the night
Let’s live in the light

We drove the
windows down,
Radio up,
If only life was so easy

He’s holding the telescope
The one in black
Your hands on the guitar
I get in the car
And drive my way back to the

The simplicities
How we were
Each other’s necessities

You thought it was a summer dalliance,
For me it was pledged alliance
You ruined my life
You were never mine

And I lost you
Just like that
The nostalgia is too much

It’s unbearable
I cry to bed again
Be strong, I can’t
I’m not capable
I can’t handle the pain

They say I’m selfish
Care about only myself
But if I don’t cry it doesn’t mean I’m fine
There were guilty beginnings
And hopes for
Happy endings

~sep 2022

this honestly started out as a poem for an old crush and then escalated into a poem about insecurities…



see you next tuesday~~~~


5 thoughts on “morning dew

  1. I’m working long hours and failing at it, and dealing with a lot of dark thoughts in my head. My posts might be more sporadic over the next few months; I already missed one two weeks ago, and I’m not sure if I’ll get one out this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh no! that sounds like a lot. I hope you get over it soon. and hey, your readers love your post, the actual ones will be here, and give you time. it’s going to be ok!!

      Liked by 1 person

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