Round and Round

when we first met I
didn’t know the way it would be
didn’t think the way it would be ‘we’
we started of
slower than most of them, mutually,

who were we to know
just two kids playing in the snow
experimenting with ice
who was to know about the fights
who were we to know
we were as different as they go
it feels like a such long time ago

look at us now,
look at you now,
look at me now,
we aren’t even talking,
I miss those days of fighting
because silence is much worse than that
and I just, I just want you back

it has always been
the two of us in circles,
going round and round
with our head in clouds

it has always been,
the two of us screwing up at life
and one of us being quite,
while the other fights

and slowly I warmed up to you
but I didn’t show it, not the way you wanted me too,
then I realised and you retracted
and look where that left us
look where we are

going round and round in circles
till you finally broke free
and I think you took a piece of me,
I think you never wanted to leave

I’m holding onto hope
that you’ll come back,
if not that then at least,
you’ll remember the memories.

you were my banana,
I kindof imagined you wearing a bandana
to cure that unruly hairs of yours
I still remember that not so creepy smile
and every time someone uses ‘😂’ I think of you
and telling you being 17 was a lie

I think of you more than you can imagine,
but you’ve taken a good (ig?) decision
so all the best for your life
one that might not have me

um. so there’s that. hehe.

well,, ig most of you know who this is for.

and if you don’t, well, I guess you relate to it?

people leave, for whatsoever reasons. and some friendships, some relationships, are just not meant to be.

i have accepted that, and I am happy that a vicious cycle of going round and round has been broken.


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