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terms and conditions apply- another gibberish post.

hey guys!

so, actually, I had a different post planned out for today, BUT, since I don’t feel like writing that one, I’m just going to gibberish away.

So, first things first, the title belongs purely to spotify ads. but, in reality, when you think about it, everything has a tiny ‘terms and conditions’ written below it, no?

listening to music has the terms and conditions that ‘artists will not take responsibility for the wreckage of your neighbors ears, nor show any consideration for you bawling your eyes out for some betty or augustine or cursing some ‘red scarf thief”

reading books has the terms and condition ‘authors will not adhere to your wants and needs for a third book in a SAID duology, because they and their publisher have closed that chapter, and in all common sense, you should too. Or, we will not take responsibilities if you constantly fight with your boyfriend on why he behaves like fictional men’

or for a fact, parents have the terms and conditions ‘we are happy you scored well in your exams, as long as you’re in the top three. if we find out there are tons of people who’ve scored much more than you have, our happiness will be diluted with ‘you could’ve done better’ stares’.

even friends, have terms and conditions! the ‘we both are bffs forever, until you do something AWKWARDLY embarrassing in public, then I’ll abandon you there to deal with it and our friendship never existed, PERIOD.’

I mean, come on, who doesn’t have terms and conditions? So why should spotify be any different.

ok, this post is getting really weird. should we just move on to something better?

so, today, I read this really cool article on the evolution of….sleep.

it talked about how sleep became from an essential part of life to a downgraded version of doing something when you’re useless. and honestly? I loved that article a lot. it’s true isn’t it? as cultures evolved, lacking sleep and dark circles started being associated with being a hard work, so much that we students talk about not sleeping in a contest-like spirit.

‘gosh, I am so tired, I slept at 12 last night’

‘dude??? that’s so early! I’m used to sleep at 4 and waking up at 6’


look, I for one, have NOTHING against night owls, infact, if given the chance, I myself would stay up as long as I feel like it. but associating sleep with laziness is not right. it is ingrained into our minds that sleeping late hours is unproductive and ‘lazy’ and that doesn’t justify an essential function.

Not all hardworkers exercise do they? but, having a dedicated time for workouts is apparently ‘productive’ and chances of you being successful are more. As a generation, we are making 4-5 hour sleep common, even though we KNOW that, it isn’t healthy. we can survive for longer without food than without sleep, yet, we’re still putting our sleep time up as ‘free time’.

ok, I agree that we all wind down and relax when it’s sleep time. but just because it’s time to relax, doesn’t mean it is any less important than say, a study session or a work meeting.

all I’m saying is that, this contest of priding yourself on sleeping less should really stop.

because, at the start of the day, no matter how high up on the professional ladder you are, nobody likes a cranky unslept person.

so grab those pillows and DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR SLEEP!

hence, I rest my case.

ok guys, wow, what an absurd post. anyways, we’ll *hopefully* be on track soon, so apologies for this and see you again soon!

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