Wrap Ups

May Wrap-Up 2022 | The one where i talk about the past 3 months.

ok, I’m ready to do this again.

HELLO BLOGGERS AND THE WORLD BEYOND! welcome back to bookishlyyours! the very space I have been rambling and gibberish-ing in for the past few months.

this blog, previously a book blog, got turned into a journal after february, and now we’re going back to book blog times, BUT, of course, I’ll keep the gibberish up, since you guys like it so much (and I LOVE it too).

as I haven’t really wrapped up march or april, this is going to be a congested wrap up of all the 3 months. look what you got yourself into.

scroll along now! let us beginnn.

Books I read

hehehehehehehehheheheheh. that’s a lot isn’t it?

I keep feeling like I left some out, but I don’t think so

anywho, I read all those books and if I start talking about all of them, it will *2000 years* + I tried to talk about all of them, but it got really boring, so I am just going to *skip* this part for now.

TBR for June

I um

have nothing

as of




But then I read spanish love deception and got bored in the last few pages.

as of now, tbr for june is-

🛒finishing spanish love deception
🛒finishing six of crows
🛒starting crooked kingdom
🛒starting shatter me series???? (possibly)

Music stats

pov you are me and you have never seen your spotify library properly and now you do, you can’t help noticing how aesthetic and YOU it feels

Cinema stats

will i consider it a sign harry just said ‘you got, you got the cinema?’. yes, I will.

Well I saw quite a lot of hindi stuff these months. panchayat is gooood-ish…my parents love it. nirmal pathak ki ghar wapsi is AMAZING and I love it. I absolutely adore it and I am waiting soooo much for the other epsiodes!!

I saw prithviraj on a school trip, it was alright, not too great, not too bad. more on the genric side.

Blog thoughts

I’m not sure what to expect, I haven’t really been posting properly in all these months.

march was okay, april nose dived, may was oookie, and june will be BETTER.

I will post consistently now. every tuesday and thursday starting from thursday.

Life thoughts

I’m now in 11th so *yay* for that.

life is okay?

I have much more independence in school and I like that. I feel old, and I also like that. But of course, I miss 10th too, when our classes were full of people and we would get told off just for talking. Because 20 chaotic people talking at once, is bound to make noise ZD. Now the students are so less, that nobody even bothers :(.

I have some friends here and some have poofed but I’m ok for now. I miss them all.

there’s this particular someone, who matters the most out of all friends, and I keep hallucinating that I see her active status. but ok, LET’S NOT GET SAPPY.

I am alrighttttttt and school is trying their best to make us happy too. SUMMER VACATIONS IN 2 DAYS!!

I already know I will regret vacations in 3 days after they happen. but let’s just keep driving till then!

okie guys!! that’s all for now, I hope this wasn’t boring. (as it missed book reviews and general chaoticness)

see you all on thursday~

7 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up 2022 | The one where i talk about the past 3 months.

  1. AHHHH SO??? MANY??? BOOKS??? LOVE IT!!!!! what did you think of Evelyn Hugo btw???? DID IT MAYBE SHATTER YOUR HEART 👀 also also THANK YOU for convincing me of how I need the ‘a touch of ruin’ series right away EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO DEVOUR THEM ALLL

    Good luck with 11th AND YAYY FOR SUMMER VACATIONS!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and AM DYING FOR MORE PLEASE 😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

      I am literally grinning so much. I LOVED evelyn hugo, it had the right amount of supense to break me out of my slump. And A TOUCH OF RUIN SERIES IS AWESOME!!

      Liked by 1 person

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