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I’m done with class 10th! | and it’s not as exciting as it should be :/

On Wednesday 18th May 2022, I finally gave my last exam for class 10th.


I’m now an eleventh grader. *smiles real huge*

After 14 months of absolutely the largest academic session in the world, I’m finally…done.

And, this is the part I feared 2 months ago. ‘What will happen after 10th?’ ‘Will life ever be how it was?’ and the simple answer is ‘no’.

Most of my friends, the people I grew up with for the last 5 years, are either changing schools, or moving out. Our classes won’t be the same ever again. Bit by bit, I’m adjusting to it. But I already miss it. I know I complained about homework and classes, but life was good when I didn’t have to worry about all this.

Life was good when the biggest worry I had was if they were going to change my section. Even then, I knew I could always write an application and go back to my class. But now? I can’t do anything. All of the memories, those shit inside jokes are just…gone. just like that.

I had anticipated boards ending for so long. Now that they have, I don’t know what to do with myself. This is the first *major* life change I’m going through? I mean, I had changed schools before too, but things weren’t so serious and ugh. I just don’t know guys.

This is where it feels like all of us will drift apart. I’m doing what I do best- pretending none of this is happening and life is normal.

I mean? ALL 46 students of our batch are now..divided. I’ll admit, I didn’t know everyone personally, but lot of individuals make up a whole. And I’ve always thought about us as a whole. ‘Class 10th’. Ahh, I’m going to miss this. *wildly gesturing*

I’m being too emotional aren’t I? the only thing that’s keeping me sane is binge watching a romantic indian daily soap and listening to music and gazing at my gorgeous six of crows collector’s edition. (yes I flexed, yes I will continue to flex)

I don’t know how I am guys. I am happy, but then I fall into nostalgia. Well anyways.

Bookishlyyours will be completing a year on 24th May! Which is 3 days from now.

I want to do something special for that. Do you guys have any ideas?

I think I’ve pretty much exhausted my capacity to write today. *heh*

Let me know your ideas in the comments below!!

39 thoughts on “I’m done with class 10th! | and it’s not as exciting as it should be :/

  1. 10th grade holds the most memorable memories of school for me. I know how if feels to see your buddies getting separated to find their journey ahead. But its what it is. It went the way it had to.

    Wishing you the best for your journey ahead. Choose your career wisely.

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    1. ah thank you for this comment! Now that 11th has started, I’m trying to come to terms with all these changes. But yes, the fact that I’m not the first nor the last person this happens to, eases my mind.

      thank you ritish!


  2. congrats on completing your boardsss, you are finally done with one major step in your life!!💃🏻
    and well, i guess we all understand a bit of what you’re going through. it’s okay though, the key is to just be in contact with the ones you don’t wanna lose touch with!!🥺

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    1. that’s true, but what is also true is that I can’t stay in touch with people who don’t want to stay in touch with me? I mean, when I look around, everyone’s so done with 10th, so excited to move on, and I am too. I just feel like, in a way, I am holding on way too tightly. but thanks for the comment siya!

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  3. you should be happy that your exams are over lol😂
    i honestly don’t miss my 10th grade much bcuz it separated me from all my friends. I only had one close friend in my section and our classroom was in the danger zone aka next to principal’s office. I remember how we wouldn’t stay a minute inside the classroom in recess and lunch breaks to go and meet our friends. So yeah I understand how you feel.
    And there’s really nothing to remember about 11th as it was all online and boring. Though I found my best friend circle in 12th and had a blast with them.
    But now again I’m afraid to lose touch with friends as I can see it all changing already. We’ll be in different colleges, different places, choosing different careers… 🥺

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    1. YESH! the scary part is all of us growing up, choosing different things. no matter how close you are with friends, most likely, you won’t be together in every class or job. which is something new, AND SCARY.

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  4. I sooo get this. Its so strange to think of life without the same people.

    And happy blogiversary in advance!! Just do whatever you want but make sure to cut a cake!

    But i am still glad boards are over i can finally get to books now lol

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  5. Same life, different people. Weird…I moved a lot of schools and places, so I get it. It’s like a new start. Yeah, it’s hard to keep in touch with your old friends. Btw Congrats on completing your boards!!. Happy advance blogiversary!!

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    1. I’ve moved 4 schools (one across continents) but idk, I’ve never felt so nostalgic. maybe it’s the fact that this is where I’ve stayed the longest, and I am older now? thank you dhriti!!

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    1. thank you! that is true def, but keeping in touch is still quite a lot of work, not many friendships lasts over distance if you know what I mean? like, even with so many tech stuff, I don’t think much will change.


  6. sep!! good job on completing the academic year.
    aww man, im scared of our class shuffling this year 😭😭 but i would really feel nostalgic if we all split up too. so if i were in your shoes, i would feel the EXACT same.
    but, but, but, YOU MADE ITTTT, YOU’RE AN ELEVENTH GRADER which is nothing really better except for that boards are over?? i mean things just get progressively more advanced and require you to take on more responsibility as time passes by…
    so yeah.
    but, get some rest!! and yayy, cant wait for your blog to complete one year!!

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    1. thank you diamond!! I wish I could go back to those days when class shuffling was what I worried for :(((. boards are over, that’s the only saving grace hehehhehehehehe. I got very nice rest on vacation *winks* and ONE YEAR IS DONE!!

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  7. Congrats on completing grade 10! Change is always hard…I wish I knew of ways to make it easier.
    Happy blogiversary! Idk how you should celebrate, but I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome!

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  8. Okay I relate so much! But I’m also kinda more focusing on what to do to pass time in the holidays 🤣.
    Plus 11th is gonna be stressful as heck!!!
    Also what’s the name of that Indian soap you’re watching? 👀

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    1. ‘holidays’ you say? our 11th started time :).
      it’s called ‘yeh un dino ki baat hai’ a 90s love story, 500 eps, VERY CLICHE. if you’re into that stuff. oh and it’s slow burn romance :D. need more info? lemme know ZD

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      1. 🤣🤣oh so sad.
        My classes start from 6 June 🤩. Poor you! Hehehehehhe
        Also yes i know that show, it was really famous around here when it came. But i never watched it lol.


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