| I finally watched Vinland Saga after thinking of watching it for 3 years. |

So, this post might be a bit different (definitely is), because it’s written by a superior entity and it’s not about books (it is if you consider the manga). NOW READ AND GET TORTURED.
Now the first impression was actually really good, started with good animation and it was all out of context but ofcourse, everything made sense after sometime. I found out that the characters were actually real PEOPLE in the Viking era but the story is obviously a bit different. There are some parts of history which I like in shows because it’s kind of informative (only if you try to research on it a bit, like me). This aspect of Vinland saga reminded me of THE FATE SERIES which was pretty cool to be honest, taking inspiration from real history and even mythology is cool ( I am not a religious person, but the stories are cool). Now, a good thing about this anime is that it’s not ‘soft ‘like “Hero of justice” stuff because to survive in the Viking era you had to ‘NOT TRUST’ people or you’d get slaughtered, since everyone was basically a mass murderer and has gotten used to it. Not peaceful at all, and there are a lot of shows that have this “aspect” in them and I like it and the fact that Vinland saga had it, makes it better.
I won’t rate this yet but I would definitely recommend it.
Btw, this Vinland place is North America and is supposedly the most peaceful and fertile land with no wars. I think that’s all I’ll write for a post I was forced to write and now I am going to the washroom.
Oh yeah some pictures.

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