a good ol’ gibberish post.

hey guys!! what’s up.

*imagining ray and panna saying ‘ceiling*

I decided I wasn’t really ‘feeling it’ and thought I’d wind down a bit listening to folklore and evermore. While I was at it, why not write another post?

A mini life update, half of boards is over!! I’ve given 3 exams and there are 3 more left. And I think… I’ve done well? Well anywho, I have science on tuesday and I’ve been feeling really demotivated and really not study-ish. Like, ok, I know where I lack, but I can’t seem to sit down and study and I have mini anxiety attacks about it, but I just can’t do anything to change it.

It’s like a vicious cycle.

See, my preboards, they had the same stuff coming in exams. But my preboards had like, REALLY difficult questions, which have no chance of coming. And all the question banks have way too easy questions. I’m just lacking the motivation to continue.

Something people don’t understand about our batch is how unpredictable exams are for us. This whole exam pattern changed for the first time in 50 years for us. And we lack resources. All we have are 1 sample paper each for all subjects, and frankly speaking, that’s not enough. Nobody knows what type of questions we’ll get. There’s no point doing previous year questions, because again, change of pattern.

And I just don’t know what to study. I’m bit overconfident too, like, what could go wrong?

so, here I am, trying to get in the mood for study.

but honestly, enough about me, I’ve been missing SO much in the blogging community and it’s breaking my heart bit by bit. Not long tho guys!! Soon, I’ll be back in business.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to chat, my inbox is always open, and I would LOVE to talk to you! You can email/ gchat request me on my email (bookishlyyours2412@gmail.com) and I’m quite often than not on instagram (bookishly_yours_24)

well, now it’s getting awkward. I was not intending to publicise my insta, in all honesty. and just like that. er bye.


7 thoughts on “a good ol’ gibberish post.

  1. I get how you feel… and I don’t understand what was the point of changing the exam pattern, I mean they just shouldn’t have done it with the students who spent almost 2 years attending online classes.
    But don’t worry too much about it, Sep… your efforts never betray you. Hang in there!
    hey I’m listening to This Love right now💖
    What’s up – I said ‘ceiling’ too😂


  2. GOD I can SEE Panna and Ray replying “ceiling” it’s ✨painful✨
    Anyways,,,, at least you’re halfway through! Yay for that. And feeling confident is good 💅🏽 LMAO every time I enter an exam, I genuinely wonder if I know my own age… oof.
    C h e e r s

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  3. Look, my sis is giving her boards rn so I can totally understand what this must feel like but yea, I just entered 10th so thanks for all the tension :”D (lol jk)
    I hope your exam went well (read ur latest post…u mentioned it was good soo yep good 4 u!!)
    And This love TV…has ripped me apart…I WANT 1989 TV RIGHT NOW.

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