harvard, med school, usa and preboards | gibberish went SERIOUS

hello dearest you and your blue light screen device!

so I sit her listening to hindi songs and I feel so peaceful, which yes, I want to feel, but not while writing this post!! SO i will go change the playlist right now and make it something…new..i guess.

*totally doesn’t listen to same 5 artists every spotify session*

ok, you know what guys. I’m going to give dua lipa a try. because 1) I like her confidence in live concerts very much and 2) I feel like listening to her songs. there. I, sep, shall listen to a new artist ON THIS FINE DAY.

*40 minutes later*

ok, I kindof forgot to write this post and listen to her. *laughs*

anyways, I’m listening to her song, and honestly, I don’t think they are too bad. Not my usual yeah but it’s fine.

now , now, guess who has been researching ivy leagues and top 10 med schools in the world instead of studying for pre-boards? ME. OFC, ME.

I just discovered that you have to do a 4 year pre med thing before you go in for the actual thing. Which does not make that much sense. As both India and UK (I think) just let you go straight to a medical degree course. stuff is definitely competitive and idk if I’ll be able to make it. this is literally day 1 of me thinking about college and stuff and asdfhsdhvfrglvsjgf;l

but this was a one day thing only, I assure you. I will be focusing on boards (for now). And think of this stuff in the measly 1 month I MIGHT get after boards?

Anyways, I think my music preference is changing. I used to hate rap songs and popular celebrities becuase they were overrated and I just avoided music that had curse words ZD. It felt positively ‘bad’ to listen to those songs. But now, I like songs that have a theme of confidence or reliability and oh I LOVE those songs that make you go ‘omg this lyric did not just happen’ and ‘this is so scandalous AHH’.

Do you get that? I’m pretty sure the fbi guy who’s tracking this understands. He’s seen my crash and burn playlist. And he’s had those thoughts too, ZD.

I am rambling at this point, let me scroll up and see if this post is too long. It’s not. Uh-oh. ZD

Well then, cue more ramble.

It’s my preboards from 30th and I’m being over confident yet I can’t stop it!! I literally haven’t studied for these. And I’m reasoning with myself that it’s the same syllabus and I’ve scored good in most subjects for preboard 1, so I should score good in preboard 2 too, without studying. I know I shouldn’t but well, try explaining that to my brain.

It’s going to rushed last minute revision I am sure.

I know I said it’s not that long of a post but I’m feeling sleepy and I still have maths to do.

So toodles people! See you all…..soon.

love, sep!

ps-ignore spelling mistakes and grammar errors, I have no rechecked this post. *nervous laughter*

19 thoughts on “harvard, med school, usa and preboards | gibberish went SERIOUS

  1. Dua Lipa is a pretty great artist. I like a lot of what she comes out with.
    (diamond has to do a buncha practice tests for stuff and has broken her brain)


  2. Doctor, huh? Thatโ€™s great ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Good luck on your pre boards! My exams are over. So right now I am loving watching you ramble about your exams ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Dua lipa is pretty good! I heard only one song from her that is *drum roll please* levitating

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i have absolutely no music knowledge, forgive me.
    who is dua lipa again?
    lemme check.

    think about the future sep. always. also never fail. you cant get into ivy league like that. tell mr. editor not to fail either. (you know why.)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. omggg ikrr i love dua lipa’s confidence on stage so much that it makes you listen to her music!
    and ahh bestt of luckk for your pre-boards, hope you rock them!โœจ


  5. Dua lipa is queen, Period. You’re my parents’ ideal kid, i have no interest in med but I’m being asked to consider it. I got my whole tenth grade to think of it now, bye-
    Best of luck for pre boards!

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    1. ahh, I think medicine and engineering are overrated. They are so MANY fantabulously amazing opportunities, it’s not like the old days anymore! I’m genuinely interested in evolution and dna, which I’m planning to major in. Med school is an after step that I might as well take.


  6. ahh I listened to more dua lipa songs in Feb (LOVE IDGAF. And levitating ofc)~ I’d actually already heard more than I thought because of my mum’s playlist + radio ๐Ÿ˜Œ
    “this is literally day 1 of me thinking about college and stuff and asdfhsdhvfrglvsjgf;l”
    me already thinking about it haha-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t even remember all the dua lipa songs anymore…it’s been what, 4 days????
      oof rayna, you = overachiever. me = last minute procrastinator


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