this author is back again and trying very very very hard to not let bridgerton season 2 impact her english and way of texting/speaking and blooging.

I however, am back yes. but with a question for you all. would you like me to be back?

now, now, I know you all are so welcoming and nice and all that. But if I haven’t cribbed about it to you already, which I haven’t seeing as I haven’t posted for quite that long, my preboards are about to start yet again. oh and top of that, I have boards in a months time.

I am feeling quite content with writing posts like these..the general gibberish, but I apologise, I will not be able to give you bookish content.

you see, for stuff like that I need to structure my mind, my thoughts and format them into a post. not to mention due to my short term memory I always need to have goodreads open in another tab and research for a book I remember remotely. all of this stuff needs pruning and polishing which in turn needs time.

a lot of time.

which in case you didn’t realise, I don’t have right now.

soo, what I’m saying is, yes I’ll be back on wp as a blogger. but all I can do right now is write gibberish. And yes, I may or may not have watched riverdale season 6, squid game and bridgerton in the past week or so. but I’m trying to be responsible and take good decisions for this torment known as boards.

again, I would LOVE to be back, but do let me know your thoughts on this. would you want a series of gibberish posts? me rambling on and on about my day because nothing exceeds a description of a teen girl’s life?

that is all I have for today, although I have a lot more, but this post is getting too long and eek I do not want you guys to skim read. and if you did skim read, darling read the third last paragraph and tell me in the comments below?

I’ll see you guys around, won’t I?

yours truly,

sep the wonderous lost cause

46 thoughts on “dear…readers

  1. I like gibberish posts🙂🙂. Since its your exams, boards, focus there but when u feel like popping in, write another gibberish post, I’ll read itt. Lifee updatessss

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  2. go ahead and gibberish through posts for us, we’d love to have you around whatever you’re capable of scribbling up sep 😌💛😂 hehe love you girl!

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