Waiting, Hoping, Looking….

maybe, we weren't meant to be together,
after all,
maybe those dreams we dreamed up,
were all just false.

maybe I tried to hard,
to be the better person,
and when I stopped?
you abandoned me 
for hours.

all I wanted,
was an apology,
all my friends told me,
to forgive you.

But you?
darling you didn't think 
you even made a mistake
so what could I forgive now?
they told me, you were giving me time to cool down
when all I needed,  all I needed was you.
and I can't stop checking,
the place we texted

i still keep waiting, hoping, looking
for that one text from you.
like i kept waiting, hoping, looking
for an apology.

but two hours passed and that never came,
and I don't know even if you'll ever reply to that.

Remind me to never fight with myself, or I’ll end up writing a super dramatic roast song for myself.

Here’s a little something I’ve noticed. When I’m really emotional (happy, sad, angry excited etc), my poems instantly start rhyming. And when I’m normal, I have to find rhyming words.

Isn’t that funny? It’s supposed to be the other way around ain’t it?

So, as you can probably guess, I wrote this poem when I was really mad and sad. A deadly combination of those, infact. It was a TERRIBLE day.

warning you again, don’t fight with me unless you want to be an inspiration to a REALLY sad poem😂 .

Well, that’s all for today. Let me know how you found this poem in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “Waiting, Hoping, Looking….

  1. ahh this poem is soo good!🤧
    and no, trust me, even though I’m not at all into writing poems and stuff, my hand just gets words to write when I’m sad and mad and etc etc which actually turns out becoming amazing!!😂

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  2. Ahhhh I love this poem!
    And I totally relate to you. I need to find rhyming words when I’m writing a normal poem but when I’m emotional they automatically start rhyming

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to ask, did you have a fight with Mr. Editor or something? I know it’s a personal question, but curiosity got the better of me haha

    It’s an amazing heart wrenching poem though! (lol, I haven’t been sad or mad in ages, hence no poetry is flowing out of me- someone make me mad pls)

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  4. Beautiful poem that is full of emotion…hope you are no longer having a terrible day!
    This is just amazing amazing amazing amazing-
    And if I keep saying amazing I will be here for god damn ever.
    Loved this poem and the best part is it was dipped in your emotions and feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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