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February Wrap-up | Time, curious time.

What do we do first when writing a wrap post the day before?


We reply to comments and design graphics instead of writing the actual thing. Throw in some noodles, nail paint and general negligence for *work* and *exams*.

Books I read this month

#1 Thanks, Carrisa, For Ruining My Life- Dallas Woodburn

A contemporary ya book that teaches you finding the connection between who you’re told to be and who you are. An amazing story of Brad and Rose, with them learning, that sometimes, a ruined life isn’t actually ruined. Filled with comedy, light-heartedness, self love and an important lesson, this book is such a sweet one!!! You can find out more on the post below.

#2 Love and Other Sins- Emilia Ares

I received this for a book tour and I’m quite happy with it. It portrayed mental health in a new, raw, and understandable light. Not to mention, I was rooting for the MCs. There’s more to this book in the posts below.

#3 The Last Text You Sent- Elise Fender

This was another arc, and I didn’t really like it at first. The title, and the cover had led me to believe it was something other than what it is. However, I was really into the story and the MC was quite interesting, although I feel like some topics that were relevant were pushed to the side (traditional belief of being superior than locals) and could’ve been explored more.

#4 The Series of Unfortunate Events- The Bad Beginning- Lemony Snickett

My teacher read us this series back in grade 5, and I’ve been wanting to re-read for quite some while. The books are shorter than I remember them, like less than 100. And I’m having real fun reading. How this is a children’s book is still out of my understanding, but yes, Lemony Snickett is a GREAT author and the way he tricks us tricks us is amazing.

# The Series of Unfortunate Events- The Reptile Room- Lemony Snickett

I’m currently reading this one, and it’s like frgndlbngfnlbf. I absolutely despise Count Olaf, and tho I was terrified of him as a kid, now I’m just disgusted by him. And Lemony Snickett is absolutely the WORST author for spoiling his own book.

TBR for March


Song stats

I’ve been really listening to Shawn, Taylor , Selena and 5sos this month. A selected songs in my playlist that are on repeat. I shared it in my last post, but here’s the playlist again. HEH

also someone stop the spotify gehraiyaan ads yaar.

Cinema stats

didn’t really watch much stuff this month, because exams. But I did re-latch into Riverdale and finished season 3 in one day. I watched Austenland which I had high hopes from but well, it wasn’t that entertaining. You Get Me, a teen thriller, was AMAZING. Especially the ending. I love it when endings are done right, and all three of these had nice endings.

As for bad blood and joker and the queen, well, look, I watched both mvs. So they count. ok?

Blog Thoughts

*rubs hands*

Let’s check the stats for feb. I’m kinda scared, because I haven’t posted much and I feel like a shit blogger. But ok, let’s have a look.

Hey, we’re not that bad! We’ve improved from Jan, and though it’s still low, but it’s ok!

As long as I have my blog fam, it’s fine.

Now I published 7 posts this one which is *okay* but I want to aim more. Here they are, in case you missed them-

Oh guys, also, I have a blog series ‘What’s your fictional avatars’ going on right now, and if you missed out, the form’s still OPEN and you can still submit stuff! So go check it out here.

Ending Thoughts

I should call my friends and go get hiiiii-i-ighhhh.

I need a vacation from my miiii-i-iiind.

ok, just kidding. ZD

So, I already had a Gibberish post out recently, and there’s not much that has changed. Except my exams end today!!! Tuition, school and life still exist, but yeah, it’s safe to say I’m relieved and hopefully will be back in the community!

Do tell me how your month as been and help me catch up to all your lives. (I do not sound like a grandma)

In the meanwhile, BYE!!

Love, Sep.

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  1. *shrieks* *pretends to cover her mouth in shock to make it dramatic*
    AND THIS IS TRUE. *bows her head and is also ashamed how much she procrastinates*
    Peace out-

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