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Reacting to your fictional avatars part 2!

HEEEEEEEELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bloggers and the world beyond!

This. is. it.

The part two of…


*throws confetti!!!*

For the unknown, go riiiiiiight to my post here, because I am way too jittery to be writing a post, but again I am jittery so I can’t not write a post. Long story short, I would be not good in explaining today.

Also, look at this post on my site guys. Soooo much better visual experience.

anywho, let the nuggets begin!!!

#6 Pannaga

Character morals: No(they’ll be completely antagonistic)
Spends most time: Prefers to spend most of their time in their room, on their bed, to be specific. But can’t, coz of commitments. I know. Sad.
Shadow: It would probably be someone I know. If this were to be one of my friends, they’d probably close my eyes with their hands, which will be irritating af, and they’d ask me to guess who they are. Stupid, I know. And I’d probably sigh, and guess all the wrong people, just to irritate tf out of them.
Weapons?: Nah, superior people don’t need weapons. My hands are strong enough. But I’d really like to have all the 6 infinity stones. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.
Problem: Being a lazy perfectionist + always wanting to sleep.
Trope: Any trope which has DRAMA.
Act when they’re alone: They’d just sleep.
Introvert or Extrovert? : Can there be a cold extrovert? You know what? There can be a cold extrovert. How? Because I say so.
Genre: Dystopian
Hobbies: Being sarcastic.

An antagonistic character *starts imagining maleficent* who prefers to sleep but has commitments. You know, this sounds like a realistic take on a villain’s life. Like, they must be exhausted after all the scheming, planning and the general evilness, right? So like a book, something like ‘Villain Diaries’. Ok, that sounds crap. But you get what I mean right? Sounds like a really perceptive character, the whole friend sneaking up thing. And ok, you’re evil enough to ‘irritate tf out of them’. Let me go look what infinity stones are. ahh, marvel stuff that control physics. So you’re evil, perceptive, invincible and..lazy. You know, Bill Gates did say lazy people are clever SOOOOOOOOO, you’re basically every high school teen propelled into villainy. A cold extrovert, and super BOSSY. Dystopian just reminds me of divergent, I am not considering that. And sarcastic, of course. Brilliant character panna, and I mean it. We don’t see villains who care about friends and irritate tf out of them. Petition for more of them!

#7 peanutbuttersandwiches_

Character morals: They’ll be a mutually gray character
Spends most time: In a recycling dumping ground place thingy, where she steals parts and sells them illegally for a living. Assorted machinery, ship parts, wires and circuitry lie in piles. The security is tight, but she has managed to find a way to sneak in and masquerade as one of the guards if questions are asked.
Shadow: Turn around and look at the owner of the shadow
Weapons?: Not really weapon-weapons, just a random gun thingy in case things get messy (messy is such an ominous word in this context hehe~)
Problem: Providing for her family, she’s the oldest of three total siblings and her mother and father work as well, trying to put both her younger sisters through the expensive schooling system is difficult.
Trope: Uuuh… morally grey characters? I dunno. Reluctant hero?? Will not hesitate once to manipulate/lie to get what she wants? Doesn’t enjoy causing trouble (“””trouble””” i.e. injuring people/causing chaos and general mayhem by messing with the electricity supply and casuing minor explosions and fires and stuff/stealing machine scraps and parts from a shipyard), but does whatever is n e c e s s a r y~ Also, most of these characters with the above mentioned traits tend to be introverted- but this character’s extroverted, because I think combining extraversion with the traits of logic, rationality and ambition would just be such a pOWER MOVE- No but really imagine this; a character who’s really good with people and can fool them easily and can read people like a magazine (TS reference for you… how you feelin’ HOW YOU FEELIN’) who also has the required knowledge of maths, physics and mechanics to really mess things up I LOVE IT Oh my God I just realized that my character is such a Slytherin fsjkfbhgjahj
Act when they’re alone: She’s like… I don’t know. She’s got those fiddly type of hands that can assemble/disassemble things really quickly, she usually hangs around at home if she’s not at the scrapyard. She’s working towards putting both her sisters through school, and is saving up for a higher education for herself. She also frequents the marketplace where she sells her things, and has a close friend there. This character doesn’t really help out with domestic stuff like cooking/buying food etc She likes listening to music The area which she lives in isn’t very green, so in the few spare moment she has, she visits the wealthier areas and roams around in the gardens there while listening to music
Introvert or Extrovert? : Extrovert
Genre: Sci-fi!
Hobbies: Building children’s toys from the scraps she steals, her siblings own alot of them! She also, as previously mentioned, adores listening to music.

First of all, people, THAT, is what I call a masterpiece. PBJ has already expressed herself so much and I absolutely adore this character. The fact that I can see her whole story in my head like a movie proves that it’s top notch book material. Like, I’m imagining a dump yard like the one in movies and the character and her siblings in bunkbeds. The wealthier areas could be on a hill she sees from her house. I actually thought up of a first line ‘It all began when I gazed at the green hills instead of the one in front of my eyes’. Like this one line can be used to imagery-fy her location, and basically provide a backstory for her character. Like, she isn’t that rich and she likes to sneak into the wealthy places. I just can imagine that being the opening line. And market place, well I’m imagining a Jesper attitude where she is really friendly with her fellow traders and stuff because *extrovert*. This book would also have lots of cutesy sibling scenes which are just the BEST thing about book families.

#8 Mr Editor (he agreed!!!)

Character morals: They’ll be a mutually gray character
Spends most time: Most of the times with his treasures that he collected over a period of time.
Shadow: Turn around and look at the owner of the shadow
Weapons?: My character owns the weapon of every hero that has ever fought him each with different abilities that he can use anytime. He can store those weapons as his treasures in his different dimension thing and he can shoot those weapons out all that once (Over a 1000 weapons) and he won’t ever lose them because he can use his ability to retrieve all of them.
Problem: People not knowing who he is. (A heroic spirit from ancient mythology)
Trope: The king of heroes
Act when they’re alone: Just sits on his throne.
Introvert or Extrovert? : Doesn’t talk to people who look down at him or disrespect him by any means.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Hobbies: Sleeping with his lion and collecting treasures (weapons)

Surprise surprise!! Guess who I got to take this form! Yes, so, we have Mr Editor’s character who is mutually gray, collects treasures and weapons and also the abilities of his opponents. Now, I find this part really really cool. Like imagine fighting someone and you win and to add a cherry to the cake, you’ve got the ability too? SO COOL. TOTAL CHERYL THING. And pet lions are such a power move. This character looks egoistic, but I’m going to me un-judgy and assume that it’s not an enormous ego but instead self respect. :). Historical Fiction, I used to be obsessed with this genre, two years ago. But yeah I’m thinking of this guy in Greece or Egypt (that’s where my mind goes to in historical fiction)

#9 Ray aka RAINLANDO

ok but rainlando is like rain laddo. ok.

Character morals: No(they’ll be completely antagonistic)
Spends most time: Moves between starbucks, the bookshop, and the park, writing and reading murder mysteries, while drinking coffee.
Shadow: I’d say: “I’ve been expecting you.”
Weapons?:A bow and arrow.
Problem: She thinks she’s dead.
Trope: Found family because she’s in a musical play (this story man-)
Act when they’re alone: Sings.
Introvert or Extrovert? : Ambivert
Genre: You tell me o_O
Hobbies: She acts.

Please I’m literally going to cry. This for some reason popped into my mind as ‘LEMONY SNICKETT FROM SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS’. Like the starbucks-park(to people watch) and reading and writing murder is so him. And ‘i’ve been expecting you’ is so him too. And thinking he’s dead is so him too. But there’s also parts of your answer that makes it Count Olaf too. The antagonistic, singing and acting part basically. Don’t blame me guys, I recently started rereading these series and so, I’m bound to see a comparison. And for those of you that haven’t read it, I’m sure you understood absolutely nothing in this part of the post. So read it asap.

So as you can see, this was kindof a ‘people I talk to 24*7’ list. All credits go to pannaga for calling me out on being lazy. There’s that. It’s late. Brain power 0.

I chose not to get frustrated at WP for releasing a draft post because I simply don’t have the energy right now. So let’s pretend, I got so mad at WP.




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