A week of you 💙

I met you on a Monday
The sun shining on my face
You standing with your friends

Today, it's a Tuesday
I'm smiling because of you
And I know you're smiling too

We fought on a Wednesday 
Me and my mighty arrogance 
You and your calm patience 

I apologised on a Thursday 
Guilt burdening me down 
To you, my personal clown. 

It was Friday,
When we hung out 
For the first time,
When we rode that rollercoaster,
Your hand in mine

A Saturday it was,
Normal for everyone else, everyone but us,
As we sat giggling on the steps

There have been numerous Sundays,
Numerous dates on those dingy stairs,
Somehow those steps are better,
Than any gala or fair.

So many days,
We've spent together,
And everyday,
I hope we stay forever

Hello dear bloggers and the world beyond!!

Happy valentine’s day to everyone! This would be my first year actually being in a relationship with another HUMAN instead of a book character on this day of love.

So that was a poem I wrote for *any guesses?* Mr Editor. Happy Valentine’s day to youuu <3!

Ok, I’m done being cringy ; ). Peace out. Have a good day!!

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