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Reacting to your fictional avatars part 1!!

Hello bloggers and the world beyond!

So, last week, I asked you all to fill out a form for what your fictional avatar would be like, and you all being absolutely adorable people, filled it out and I got a much bigger response than I was expecting. *yayyyyy*

As the response is *large* to say the least, I’ll be dividing the reactions into parts. *don’t have to worry for new post ideas heh*

Here’s part one, and I’ll be reacting to the first 5 responses submitted.

Also you can go and see this post on my site (it looks so much prettier). And if you missed out on submitting your avatar you can go visit this post to see what the fuss is all about.



#1 Daisy

So, for the unknown, Daisy is actually my bff irl. And no, daisy isn’t her real name. Her online persona changes everyday based on the book she loves currently. *scoffs*

Character: Mutually Gray
Spends most time: On a Cliffside cuz them daring…
Shadow: Turns and looks around
Weapons?: Yes….a blade that is blessed by the gods..
Problem: Trust issues
Trope: Rom-action-mafia-fantasy (does that make sense ? 😂)
Act when they’re alone: Draws…expresses herself
Introvert or Extrovert? : Introverted extrovert
Genre: Mafia 😗
Hobbies: Drawing , dancing and eyeing single men (😭)

Ah. Exactly what I expected from my lauki (Calabash in english). So, this sounds like a super interesting character who *definitely* needs a best friend to keep them grounded. Mafias are DANGEROUS. Even though, I know exactly why you chose the mafia genre (read: eyeing single men). So yes, darling, you probably need a best friend who’s a part time therapist. You’re in luck! You have ME, the bossy mafia leader who is texting on your behalf to your ‘single man’.

#2 Diamond

Character: Mutually Gray
Spends most time: A space ship…in SPACE
Shadow: Turns and looks around
Weapons?: Sure. How about a taser?
Problem: She’s avoiding life on Earth.
Trope: Found Family…and perhaps enemies-to-lovers
Act when they’re alone: She’s very emotional when alone…
Introvert or Extrovert? : Introvert
Genre: Sci-fi
Hobbies: Singing

Ok, I really like this one. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m listening to I know places, but I can imagine a group of misfits running away from Earth because they made a huge heist? Found family is one the BEST tropes ever hands down. And right now, I’m getting like super excited hyping up a whole story which is set in space with top level earth institution fighting with them. At the very end, they capture an officer (from Earth). He ends up being hard to get information from, and they have wild banters. But THEN, THEY FALL IN LOVE.


#3 Maggie

Character: Mutually Gray
Spends most time: in a creative workspace, making pieces of art and memories full of laughter with the people they love
Shadow: Step to the side and turn toward the shadow’s owner
Weapons?: their wit, ingenuity, and quick tongue
Problem: juggling priorities
Trope: comic relief
Act when they’re alone: introspective, often innovative, frequently vibing
Introvert or Extrovert? : Introvert
Genre: comedy
Hobbies: writing, taking pictures, gaming, making artwork

Introverted with wit, quick tongue and ingenuity makes an AMAZING character. I can just imagine them being all sarcastic and witty, but with their own group. They’re introverted, but not one to shy away when their friends are in danger. They are fierce for people they love and are the type of friend who takes care of you when you’re drunk or helps you get back up in life. This perhaps would be a light ya novel about friendship and cleverness? PS- maggie I adore your answer for for the shadow question. It’s so amazing!!

This character is such a hufflepuff vibe!!

#4 Rish (The Rish)

Character: Mutually Gray
Spends most time: The movies, and the library occasionally (to read about puppetry).
Shadow: Turn around and look at the owner of the shadow
Weapons?: A basic wand
Problem: Not enough books. He’s read everything at the school
Trope: A dude wants to wipe out inferior races.
Act when they’re alone: *they sneak into the library and read.*
Introvert or Extrovert? : Introvert
Genre: Fantasy
Hobbies: Reading, writing, puppetry, and the occasional nap.

PUPPETRY. That’s something new. Also sneaking into a library is such a vibe. At the start of your answer I was like ‘wait why occasionally at the library’, but when you’ve read everything, why would you go all the time? I actually love the image of a guy in the movies with a wand. Cursing the people who crunch too loudly, making the babies stop crying and somehow stop people in front of me from STANDING UP. Rish we don’t do genocides here, so I’m going to assume that was sarcastic, which it probably is. Hmmm, you said fantasy. I would think this description goes more with alternate universe. Like, 2022, but there’s an elite magic school. Also puppetry is such a jam.

#5 Anjali

Character: Mutually Gray
Spends most time: At their house like me lol
Shadow: Turn around and look at the owner of the shadow
Weapons?: they don’t own weapons but they know how to fight a little.
Trope: The girl next door
Act when they’re alone: The character feels safe and secure as hell. They feel like alone time is the BEST thing for them.
Introvert or Extrovert? : Introvert
Genre: supernatural thriller.

So, Anjali, while I read your descriptions, I was going ‘this would make a really cute contemporary novel’ and then we go to tropes and you go BAM ‘SUPERNATURAL THRILLER’. ZD. What do we have here, an introverted girl who feels content alone and has anxiety and sharing issues. I think, if we were to see this in a supernatural thriller, we’d discover that the girl next door, isn’t exactly what she seems (cliche but read on). The reasons for her anxiety and reluctance to share feelings isn’t random, it has a cause. A very deadly one indeed. She never knew they existed, but when they spoke to her in dreams, she woke up shaking. Who are they? Why her?

*I did not just write half a synopsis*. So, stay tuned for the rest of the synopsis on the last day of this month, i.e 29th February 2022!!! *claps*

And look at that, I completed this post in less than an hour!! This was actually very fun, I’ll be getting around to part 2 soon and as of now, it looks like we’ll have three parts. If you missed out on the form, here‘s the link again.

Did you enjoy reading this post? What’s something you do as a hobby (other than eyeing single men) ? *looking at you, Daisy*

17 thoughts on “Reacting to your fictional avatars part 1!!

  1. Oh well, let me tell ya! I have sooooo many plans for a supernatural thriller. This is just barely half of it. XD
    P.S. I will publish (after writing lol) a supernatural thriller (kinda like dystopian but yeah) by the end of 2022!

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  2. Sep, I curse myself for not being able to put harry potter out there.

    Yes, I’ve tried. Re-read it, the genocide *is* voldemort, killing mudbloods.

    Then theres the part of going back into the library.

    this is basically me at home. I’ve read everything, mostly, so you re-read everything multiple times until the story is in your head.

    Im so bad at this.

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