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January Wrap-Up | the first month of 2022 is OVER.

greeting dear bloggers and the world beyond.

the first month of 2022 is OVER.

ok, not only does it feel unnatural to write ‘2022’, but also, wasn’t I JUST reading all your wrap ups? how did january end?? where is this going?? it’s febuary?? term 2 boards? why am i still watching a movie a day? why am i going on to netgalley and requesting 10000 books and going ‘OHmiGosH i got an arc’ every other day? I mean hello? I have exams? preboards? boards? this is not the time to fawn over pride & prejudice.

lots of question marks *let’s pretend I did not take 3 tries to type ‘marks’*. WELL, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?LET’S WRAP JANUARY UP IN A BOX.

Books I read this month

Okay so, honestly, it feels like I read a lot this month. But the books I’ve completed are only 5. I think that’s because my reading has been very MESSY and dysfunctional this month. I’m all over the place. Two chapter of this arc, 5 into this book, on the prologue of that one etcetera.

1.These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong.

Time and again, I’ve said that I absolutely ADORED this book and it’s right up there, next to The Queen’s Rising. I wrote a review for this one which you can go back to here.

2. Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong.

The sequel to the above that left my heart absolutely shattered. I just, ARGGHGHHGHGHG. I reviewed this one too, and if I start again it’ll be a whole long rant how you should not hope for a changed ending in a tragic retelling of a tragic story. Go here.

3. The Liars Beneath by Heather Van Fleet

I was so lucky to get this as a book tour. I went to it pretty bored and then the pacing picked up and I went ‘o_o’. This was such an amazing book, although it does deal with very dark and serious topics so definitely not recommended to people 13 or under. I did review this on goodreads here and I made a mood board for the tour here.

4. Asbury High and the Thief’s Gamble by Kelly Brady Channick

Got this off netgalley (thanks!). It was a fine read, but there were tons of issues. I didn’t like it much but it was fine. I don’t think I’ll ever read it again, but I would recommend it to younger readers. Oh and one more thing, just because it’s ya mystery, doesn’t mean it’s the Karen McManus mystery. Don’t make the same mistake I made *cries* 😭😭. Reviewed it here.

5. The Girl in the Forest by Bridgit Dean

A spooky, thriller book, which literally made no sense to me in the start. It started off all innocent and then the story took a dark turn. The story’s pretty unrealistic, but the ending made me get goosebumps. And the fact I was reading it after midnight was more than enough to scare me. Although it’s not one of my favorites, it’s really short and could be read in one sitting. I mean, I think you should read it in one sitting. The story did immerse me. Recommended when you’re bored of the mundanity of l i f e. Review —-> here.

TBR for February

February is the month of love, afterall, and apparently, also the month of the rejuvenation of board exams. I’m not setting out a tbr for feb yet, as I have no idea how life will be. These are the arcs that I need to complete. XD.

Stuff I watched!

Okay, january was a major, ‘watch’ month for me. I mean, boards 1 ended in decemeber, it was lockdown, there wasn’t much to do. So yeah, not be subtly trying to hide the fact that I almost watched some movie every day of january.

um, so, here is the stuff I watched. Not the complete thing tho, I finished all the stuff below and the other stuff, I’ve either abandoned or planning to watch later.

*nervous laugh*

Um. so. there’s more. that I didn’t put there.



I diiiidn’t really listen to music much in jan because I was busy watching movies and stuff

There are two songs that deserve a special mention tho.

1. You by Armaan Malik

This guy is like my #1 love song guy. And when I found out he released a new song, I went to listen to all versions ASAP. And this song is so so so so so so cuteeee!!

2. Taylor Swift by Matt Cooper

This came up on my yt feet and it’s so quirky and cool and those references are so FAB!

Blog thoughts

I didn’t really er blog much this month I think?? missed a few posts here and there. didn’t do networking on reader. eek. I’ll get better people. the eekest part now- STATS. let’s see. oh, guys, we uh, went REALLY low this month. like, the lowest. BUT OKAY WE’LL IMPROVE. LET’S MOVE ON TO NICER STUFF

Posts I published this month are—-

Discussion Post | Books that have been on tbr for * e o n s *

Have you ever seen?

Book Review | These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

Book Review | Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong

A Gibberish Post + A poem

Blog Tour | The Liars Beneath by Heather Van Fleet | Moodboards

okay fair enough, I didn’t post much either, so less views. February shall be better I tell you, dear readers.

Ending thoughts

So, this month I was pretty chill. I gave myself this month off from doing anything that I didn’t want to. Although I did read arcs and at one point got exhausted. * h e h e* (hence the gif). All in all, it was a good month. This might possibly be one of the chillest months this year?? good luck for feb Sep and everyone else.
aND THaT’s a WrAP fOR JAnUArY 2022!!!!


32 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up | the first month of 2022 is OVER.

  1. Well…I already knew all of that but “W O W”… U n me both have successfully ruined (:P) the first month of the year…cheers to us on not doing any HW….. 🍻 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU!! I’m still super psyched about that. okay. book recs? Here they go – The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross, These Violent delights duology, Six of Crows duology (if you haven’t read these), Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

      need more?


  2. I LOVE YOUR REVAMP! So prettyy
    Damn yall bloggers read so much I feel guilty of not reading much 😔✋
    oh and i posted like twice this month- so dont feel too bad about that
    loved this post yey

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The why am I still watching a movie a day comment hit hard also I also went on a binge fest of hotel transylvania I even watched the newest one. Also the song taylor swift is SOOOO cool

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on wining first place!
    You had a pretty eventful month. I still can’t believe Jan is over. And how do you post wrap ups on time. I didn’t realise Jan is over until I checked WP😂 I still have to watch hotel Transylvania tho.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, Miss Sep! You’ve done so much this month! I thought you were busy “studying” in front of the laptop! 🙂 And it’s February now, any goals? Like, playing chess, buissnes game, etc etc? I promise you I’ll never say no 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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