Have you ever seen?

In between battles and fears
Silent scared oaths and tears
If you ever fell alone,
Darling, don’t forget you have a home

It might feel like you’ll burst
Like you’re pounding the doors of hell
And pouring out your sorrow to the crust.
But it’ll be fine, it’ll be well.

They say I’m not permitted
To tell you that I love you
The say it’s my duty
To let you go out in the vile world

As I see your glowing face
Coming back from school
I scold you for lack of grace
I’m sorry I have to be cruel

Darling, this is how our world works
Crimson red paint and nasty smirks
But if there’s anyone who can change it
It’s you.

So go out there, my little girl
Go out and show the world.
That you’re not weak.
Show them the strength of belief.
The power of our grief.

– Sep

Idk what to name it. Something hunger games/ divergent moms might say to their daughters??

this was my initial thought for the title of this poem. but then i went and did what i do best. pick up the last verse of the poem and bam you’ve got yourself a title. this started out with something tris’ mom (divergent) would say to her. and whenever i read it, i get the same feeling. of tris and her mother in front of the mirror.

so there’s that. i really like this poem tho. find it pretty inspiring.

happy first week of 2022 people. see you on monday!

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