The Only One.

You were the only one,
I unraveled for
The only one,
I travelled for
The only one
I gave up everything for
The only one
Who betrayed me

But I still love you,
Know that I’ll get hurt,
But won’t give up on you
You’re a hopeless flirt
And you’re not only mine,
But I’ll always pour out your wine

Do you remember
That nasty cold winter?
Asked you for the first time
If you’ll ever be mine
You looked into my eyes,
And told me to not waste time.

You knew where it hurts,
So you threw me in the dirt
You know you’re the winner
And I’m the sinner.

Tell me I’m yours
Tell me I’m beautiful
Tell me this love is ensured
Pull me in close,
Whisper the words
Throw away the wilted rose
And I’ll forget about the other girls

No caption for this one. It’s too gorgeous. You know what? Caption it yourself people. In the comments below. Tell me how you’ll give an blurb about this poem.

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