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Christmasphere Day 7| Guest post by Pannaga the GREAT| 13 gifts I’d give Sep for Christmas (If I weren’t so broke)|

Hey guys. It’s me, Pannaga, THE great. Here, as your MVP(MVB? Most Valuable Blogger?) of the day. And I have got the most awe-mazing post planned for you guys and our dearest Sep! Feat. Irish? You know if you know. Don’t worry if you don’t understand. You will, in the end.

Merry Christmas? I’m not a big fan of Christmas, but presents are awe-mazing. So I’ll just pretend I like it. And you guys just pretend you didn’t read this.

Ok, so I’ll be telling you guys about 13 gifts I’d give Sep for Christmas. Here. Take *shoves* dam. I shove a LOT. But still. *shoves again*


Yes. THE Cardigan.

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I bet she’d love to have it. Being a BIG Swifty. And it’s Christmas. So it will be cold. Obviously. So, my gift would keep her warm too. You can include all the Taylor Swift merchandise here too. I will buy all of them for her, one day. Not just for Christmas. For this, Cardigan is the only right one.


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Signed 1D albums! Sep is a Directioner, if you didn’t know. She loves them, gods. It was one of the things that we bonded over. My love for BTS and her’s for 1D. I bet she’d put this in a showcase and show-off XD


Ok, so I don’t think it’s an NZ problem exactly. But yeah, Sep’s friend Jack, he is into cricket coaching(umm, am I allowed to tell this?),so, they have taken away his phone now. So, Sep can’t talk to him. She misses him. He was her best four years. I just don’t understand why they took away his phone. So, I’d change that part. No one is allowed to take anyone’s phone, no matter what. I would try to bring him back, if they still haven’t met by then. But if I can’t, then, this is the least I can do for Sep. She would love to see him for Christmas.

4. A LETTER From Rebecca Ross

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Sep loves TQR. Like, she is crazy about those books. And she adores Rebecca Ross for creating such a masterpiece, giving her Cartier and Brienna and Merei. A hand written letter by Rebecca Ross would mean so much to her. I bet my BTS concert tickets that Sep would frame it. So, I’ll try my best to get her that.



I mean, she asked for it. Her boyfriend asked for a custom gaming PC. And when I told Sep just how expensive he was, she said that she could be too 🙂 Then, she asked me to buy her all the books. I would have to beg in the streets for money, because there are like infinite+ books! Mr editor’s is better. But as she asked me for it, I will just keep on buying books for her. One day, it might finally get over. HA. Who am I even kidding? Books? Over? Never. 


Of me. So that she can worship me whenever she wants. Hehe. Just kidding.

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Something like this. Caricature kinda thing. But I will look much more macho, with a beanie and a hoodie. And she will look beautiful, with her pretty blue gown, long, silky hair, maybe, just maybe, with a wedding ring in her hand.


On her, on us and on them. 3 songs. I’ll sing it, record it, make a personalized CD with pictures of her memories in it, then give it to her. A vinyl of the same too. Blue vinyl.


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A customized 1000 piece puzzle. She’d never get bored then. To see what the puzzle forms, she has to complete it of course. That part is your problem Sep.


Design only XD Sep already knows I want to do this for her. But, I’d give this to her on Christmas. Those of you, who are wondering what’s so special about this, I wanna be an architect. A famous, rich architect. I would obviously design the best house for her. Which will include her dream, a secret passageway in the library, which would lead to my house. Shh, don’t tell this to Mr Editor. He is not supposed to know about this. 


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A very big throw blanket, with “I ADORE YOU ZD” printed on it. She can snuggle in it. Especially useful during Christmas. And that will be printed to remind her of how much she used to use it when she was 16. (She might still be using it, even after 16 tho XD)


Yeah, THE secret sessions. The actual Taylor Swift SS!

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I don’t know how, but I am gonna make Taylor invite Sep for one of these! I will give up my invite if I have to. She should get to be a part of this before she dies. And I am gonna make it happen. I don’t know how. But I will make it happen. And just before she leaves for the session, I’ll buy her a Taylor Swift-like guitar. Maybe a RED one. She can take it with her and then maybe, she can get it signed too. Dam! This will definitely happen. I just hope it happens around Christmas. You know, because this is supposed to be a present for Christmas.

12. A STAR

Named after Sep.

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You can do that, you know? And I am doing that. Naming a star after Sep.


Now, Sep, you have a little surprise. This last gift, the “13” th gift is not mine.

HELLO love, this is a surprise  (probably), TOTALLY MY IDEA. I give myself all the credit for this. So, I had to select a gift for you, something you would LOVE. So, I came up with this, a trip to New Zealand, Wellington, Johnsonville, Rotoiti Street with ME alone and we can meet your old friends there, EVERYONE!(even the guys I don’t like)(ADAM and that other spaghetti guy OH YEAH Liam). We can stay there forever too if you want that. I chose this gift because I know how much you love that place and how much you miss everyone there. You’ll love this(probably). First, we’ll go to Australia then go to NZ and then we can either rent a house there or just stay in a hotel and then we’ll rest the first day. NOW, THE SECOND DAY, we’ll first go meet all your friends and hang out with them, if they still live there that is. I just wanted you to know that, I can at least do this much for you in the future because I love you and I hope we stay like this forever, WE HAVE HOPE. Anyway this is the end anddddd here 💙 a heart for you because you seem to like it. Hope no-one else reads this(everyone will)

TA-DA! This was my idea actually. Your stupid boyfriend is just very stupid. My gifts are actually so much better than his. HA! Sep will love me more now, Irish. HA!

Anyways, this gift is sweet. Do it. But you won’t be going alone. I will secretly follow you both. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA

Done. I hope you liked these Sep. You will definitely get all the 12 of them. The 13th too, if your boyfriend actually takes you. I hope you like it. You will get even better presents for your birthday. Don’t worry. Just tell me I’m awe-mazing. Love you Sep. We both do. Me a little more than him.

And now, dear Sep’s readers. I hope you liked reading this post. I bet all you wish I were your friend now, don’t you? 😀 That’s it, for my post. Will go throw up- I mean eat now. Thanks for having me here.  BYE!

(PS: I have no idea why I have center aligned everything. Just go with it)

Okay guys hi. Pan doesn’t know I edited this, but I am so so happy. All these gifts are so gorgeous and so thoughtful and so personal. I’ve been grinning like an idiot the whole time because it’s just so sweet. And you guys aren’t even allowed to wish for a friend like Pan. Okay? She’s mine. BACK OFF

Edit. It’s 16th and I read this post again and, I love you soooo much Pan. All these are just. This is one of my favourite posts ever. I just. Thank you so much Pan. Thanks to you too Mr Editor, I love you too, a lot .

That’s a wrap for today. See you guys tomorrow!

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