Christmasphere 2021

Christmasphere Day 5| Tiny things you can do to get into the spirits!

Hello guys!

I’m well aware that this post is a day late, but let’s just pretend it isn’t because I totally wasn’t spending time with Mr Editor and finishing off a Christmas series.

Let’s get started with this because I am coldddddddddddddd. And I’ve been robbed of warmth. And ran out of my energy.

Well. I really kinda want to write this intro. So here we go. * paper clip drop silence*

You know, if you’re not like those people in hallmark cards, and those people in Christmas movies/series, there comes a time, when you know Christmas is coming, but you don’t feel very Christmassy. You’re not running up and down the streets singing carols, dressing in red and green *I’m looking at you Lily* . You’re just not into it. Yet.

Here are some things that I do, to get into the Holiday spirit. If you’re a decent person (like me!) you’ll find these helpful and be merry and jolly in no time! However if you’re undecent (like Mr Editor) you won’t be Christmassy until morning of 25th December. πŸ™‚

So read on!

1. Change your phone/desktop background.

Literally the first thing you could do is to change the backgrounds of your phone and/or laptop. Let’s be honest, because of the covid age, we’ve been on our screen non stop. What better way to force tell your brain to be more holiday-ish?

You can always search up desktop/ phone backgrounds on pinterest. But I added some of my favourites here.


2. Wear Cardigans and cold-y clothes

I don’t know about you, but one thing that gets my mind turning it’s gears is wearing loooooooong cardigans. I usually just steal stuff from my mom and dad and wear it. It’s so comfy, and I don’t, it just triggers Christmas feelings!

3. Watch holiday movies. WITH PEOPLE

Okay, I know, covid has made us very bad homebodies. But, Christmas is one time of the year when you really should spend time together with people you love. And what better way to spend time other than watching movies?

If you’re in a holiday movie dilemma and have no idea what to watch go right here to Aditi’s blog! She has tons of great recommendations.

4. Listen to MUSIC.

For me, music has always been something that literally pushes my brain to behave as the person the song is talking about. I get trapped into the lyrics and literally DROWN into the instrumentals.

If you’re not feeling festive, open spotify up, play some songs, sing some carols and get dancing!

5. Do what YOU want.

Still don’t feel festive?


Don’t guilt yourself for not being a certain way. It’s fine to not be festive. It’s alright if you’re not jumping up and down with excitement. It’s alright if you just want to turn the other way around and sleep. What matters, is that you enjoy the holiday season. How you do it, that’s up to you. So go ahead and do what you want to do. Want to sleep? Sleep. Want to forget that Christmas exists because of a heartbreak? Do it. Want to roam the streets being an absolute lunatic? Do it.

Just have fun.

And would you look at that? We’re done! I’m very very very sorry not really sorry for not having this post out yesterday, but guess what? Life was life.

What are some of your favourite things to do during the holiday season?

Tell me in the comments below!

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