Christmasphere 2021

Christmasphere Day 3 | What I think I’ll be doing this Holiday Season

Hello dear bloggers and the world beyond!

This post is a disguised to-do list/life update.

You’ve been warned.

*pulls sleeves of her cardigan up*

Okay guys. Here’s the deal. I have to write this post in exactly half in hour. No distractions. No snakes. No instagram.

Here. We. Go.

1. Play

I know, I know. This really isn’t something you would expect on a Holiday season list. But I’m being brutally honest here. I’m ADDICTED to Really. I am. I used to tell my boyfriend that I would stop playing it after I reach the leaderboard 1 time, but well, I have reached it around a dozen times, but still can’t seem to stop it. *shrugs*

2. Spend time with Mr Editor

Because of exams and studies and general shitty life, we haven’t really met much this past month. I can’t wait to finally spend some quality time together and battle over Shawn Mendes’ singing voice.

3. Read books!

Alright. This list is kinda random. Not priority wise at all.

So ever since November, I’ve been pushing back books. Thinking I’ll read them in December. But you kinda know what? I’m bombarded with books right now. There’s this book I’m reading, and I don’t want to dnf it, but I keep on thinking about all the other titles that I want to read. Oh and also? My December tbr, I haven’t even started it. Ooof. My reading is all over the place.

4. Watch some K/C/J Dramas

Basically anything Pan the great recommends.

So last week Pannaga forced told me to watch a C-Drama called ‘First Romance’. And of course, like the good person I am. I watched it. I think I can ge used to watching this stuff. Tbh, I don’t watch anything. I used to watch Riverdale, religiously, till like the first 3 months of 2021. But now I just don’t. So I definitely think I’ll start watching shows/series/dramas, now that I have time and exams are over.

5. Watch stuff online with my trio!

So one fine day after my math exam. Mr Editor, my best friend Daisy and I watched a movie together!

It was so much fun. Well basically, the thing is, I don’t speak much, while watching something. But Mr Editor and Daisy do. So it was basically me shushing them and then Mr Editor going all ‘Why am I even here if you want me to stay shush’. Also Daisy and I watched Kissing Booth 1. And then the trio watched half of Dash and Lily.

We really need to do this more often, I love it so much!!

6. Get out of the house and do physical activities.

All November long, I’ve told myself that I need to focus on academics and I can do physicals later. Now that we’re in the think of cold, I don’t want to leave my blanket. However, friends, with grave regret, I inform you, that I must, infact, leave my blanket. AND GO OUT AND WALK AND BIKE.

7. Have a get together with friends.

So the last time all of us friends got together was probably my birthday. Which is a month and a half ago. I want a gathering before term 2 hype starts up. Hopefully soon!

8. Listen to music.

It’s been a long time since I listened to music and just chilled. So sometime in December I’d like to do that too.

9. Finding that Christmas tree

Since we don’t celebrate Christmas, we don’t really have a full-blown fir tree at our house. But we do have a miniature version. I have no idea where it is and I need to find it alreadyyyyyyyyy. Pffa. So much work. So less time.

10. Blog

I’m doing Christmasphere aren’t I? And my series of scheduled posts ended today when I found out I have posts scheduled but nothing written in them. (yes that’s a reference to today’s mess up). Anywho. I really need to work properly on my blog and my blog’s instagram.

That’s all for today. And guess what? I wrote this under half an hour. YIPEEE.

Hey guys,

Can you please please please submit 3 more guest posts?? I really need help. It would be so great if you could go out here and fill this form. If you want more reference on what the post should be like, go here.

I must go run to my tuition now.



20 thoughts on “Christmasphere Day 3 | What I think I’ll be doing this Holiday Season

  1. SLITHER IO IS SO ADDICTING! I do the same with my sisterr and have reached the leaderboard a couple of times too! i relateeee
    i watched a couple of series with the two of my best friends as well, soo again, relate XD i hope you have a great time watching stuff with your trio!! <33
    We have this miniature (well its slightly tall and not-miniature but who cares) christmas tree too! but ive kept it safely XD good luck finding that tree Sep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FYI, I don’t talk that much…and deffo don’t sing like a fish out water… -_- , anyways i just got notifications of these posts today so hehe , I read them 😌..aren’t I an ideal bwstfrnd….bless u for being with me πŸ€ŒπŸ»πŸ€πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    Liked by 1 person

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