You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get sometimes? When you try to wipe off that geeky smile but you just can’t?

That’s real happiness.

No amount of money can give you that. Well, yes, sometimes things brought from mo ey can give you that. But let’s be honest, it isn’t the same is it?

Well, so I’ve fortunately had that giddy happy feeling a lot of time in my life.

Here are some examples-

1. When my best friend messaged me- it shows that yes, we’re still AWESOME friends and that she cares about me too!
2. When I took out ice cream from that container, put in on the cone, just how I like it and enjoyed the taste on a hot sunny day.
3. When I’ve cleaned my bookshelf and have enough time to stare at it longly
4. When I finish reading a book I loved!
5. When I’m walking around and the sun shines and my music pounds in my ears.
6. When a baby i don’t know says hi to me and I say hi back!
7. The parent’s smile when I say hi to the baby!
8. When all of my cousins get together and start gossiping
9. When my family and I sit down to watch a really funny show and we all end up crying with laughter.
10. When I see the possibilities for me to do things after I’ve achieved my dream job.

That’s things that make me happy.

What are some of yours?

Let me know in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I love when my friend slaps me and I slap her back. I know it’s weird, but I like interesting people who do interesting things. and i love when a baby says hi to me too! the baby’s eyes just light up with so much of joy!

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  2. Happiness for me is when my parents go out(they do, almost everyday, but I should be home alone too. Otherwise no fun) Happiness was when I thought I was getting a sibling yesterday. Happiness was when my best friend used to feed me, because I wouldn’t eat otherwise. Happiness is when I watch RUN BTS. Happiness was when I had sleepovers with my friends. Happiness is when my mom adores me(this doesn’t happen a lot) Happiness is listening to a newly released BTS song, and posting a Songuage of it before everyone else. Happiness is when I’m with my grandmas. Happiness is when I watch my favorite movie for the 100th, with my cousin, every time I’m with her, because it’s our tradition. Happiness is when I find my next favorite Taylor Swift song. Happiness is when I talk to a few people, I am always smiling, and I always mean the emojis I use with them. Happiness was when I actually found a brother in someone I liked very much. Happiness is when we both prank you. Happiness was when I found you. Happiness was when I found those two. Happiness is when you trust me enough to tell me some “stuff”. Happiness is when I’m third-wheeling, I like it with you both, even when I say I don’t. So much love. I am not even jealous. Happiness was when my friends wished me for my blog anniversary. Happiness is when I eat raw poha. Happiness is when I break rules. Happiness is when I eat vanilla ice cream in the winter. Happiness is when I shower in COLD water during winter.Happiness is whenever I listen to Girl At Home. Happiness is when I actually like what I like eating(if that makes sense) Happiness is when I smell Naphthalene or play with velcro. Happiness is when someone appreciates me, when I think I’m no good. Happiness was when I realized I was not as selfish as I thought I was. Happiness is when I have the same epiphany(that I’ll have 15 crack-heads no matter what) over and over again. Happiness is when I create an awe-mazing featured image. Happiness will be if someone pranks me. Happiness will be when someone surprises me. Happiness was when he lived. Happiness is when I have so many things I can remember him by, now. And finally, HAPPINESS IS SLEEPING.

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    1. Point number 1- AGREED. Ahh, that blissful feeling when you’re home alone. The independence. AHH. Oh, about that, gchat please. Ii would so feed you. I’m so good at making people eat. You have no idea. BTS. Of course. I get so giddy when I watch One D Video Diaries. XD. I’ve never had a sleepover. I’ve had many more dayovers tho.Adoration is so coooooooooool. And I get that songuage part. Have I told you how jealous I am for that name ‘songuage’? GRANDMAS YES. Movies, I don’t have a tradition like that, but that does remind me of a time we cousins watched ‘Lagaan’ and like there were 4 of us. 2 of them slept and me and my cousin stayed up till like 3 in the morning. That feeling. Was. AWESOME. I hope in those few people? Naah. I definitely am. YAYAY. GOOD. Pranks -_-. DID YOU JUST GIVE US LICENSE TO BE CLICHE? OMG PEOPLE. eehehehehe. Blogiversary (I did NOT do that to annoy you). Raw poha is ew but fine dummy. Breaking rules is funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun. Ice cream and showering in winter, damn you heathen. Why only Girl At Home? Makes sense, because I get you. YES. AND PETROL AND NAIL PAINT REMOVER. Nobody = selfish. FT IMAGE YES. Pranks pfff. Aww, that’s. Aww. SLEEPING YES.

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  3. Happiness for me is living in every moment and being kind to people around me. I feel happy when I do things I want to do and enjoy doing. By the way I liked this post so much. This was truly awesome to read!!😊

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  4. Hey, this was lovely! You just brought a smile to my face!

    And I agree about the baby one! It’s just so cute!

    There are so many things that make me happy, honestly, and I feel like mentioning only a few of them would be cheating, haha.

    Well, happiness for me is walking on the right path… and pestering my parents and annoying my siblings and FoOd. ^.^

    Amazing post, Sep!

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    1. I’m so glad it made you smile!

      IKR! It’s the best thing ever.

      Ahh, that’s so good. I’m so happy you have so many things that bring you joy. Love that answer!

      Thank you!

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  5. I agree about the baby one, its soo cutee!
    Happiness is remembering old fav times. Happiness is listening to music. Happiness is forgetting reality through a book.

    Amazing post Sep!! Made me smile after a long time

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  6. This is so cool that you’re mindful enough to recognise the happy moments in your life. I myself am grateful for 2021 for finally seeing my SF novel in print. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face after that one. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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