As bright as the sun

We started out
As bright as the sun
Now you’re pulling the trigger on the gun
We were the
Romeo and Juliet of the world
Should’ve known it wouldn’t last long

Tell me it’s normal,
Tell me it’s nothing wrong,
To feel a bit bland, a bit formal
Should’ve known honeymoon period never lasts long
I should’ve known, I should’ve known

What am I now?
What am I without you?
What am I without your vows?

And I thought we
Were a team of two
Content with luck
But then you had to
Go and screw
All of this up.

Don’t look at me with that smile,
No I-
I won’t forgive you
You wrecked me,
You know it too
Must be happy now.
You’re finally free.

Free from my undying love
Free from all my midnight texts
Free from the times I begged you to stay
Free from the times I asked to see you
Free from the times I wanted you to visit me
Free from those secret visits.
Free from telling me you couldn’t make it.
Free from bearing those video calls.
Free from me being yours
Free from pretending to love me.

So go right ahead
And tell them I was clingy
They won’t ever know what I said
Tell them this wasn’t a big deal

You were my first
Now you and I aren’t


Hello everyone.

He’s an heartbreaking start to your week. Please feel free to take out your anger in the comments below. Hey you know what? Let’s try this.

All of you tell me one thing that you used to like, but now, are just indifferent to it. And also tell me if you still feel guilty for not loving it as much as you did before. If you’ve overcome that guilt, tell me how. Let’s help all of us.

22 thoughts on “As bright as the sun

    1. I relate with that! The exact situation. I had a friend, everyone thought we were best friends. But we weren’t. Not really. We just hung out because we were cooperative. As soon as she moved, she found new friends, I found new friends. It does hurt, but now I think it was for the best.

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      1. Mostly, it felt as if it was a person whom you were close too amd now ita just npt the same..and you feel like you’re the only one who wants that companionship back
        I am not really sure๐Ÿ˜… but this is what I felt

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    1. Ahh. That happens. It was the other way around for me. I hated shake it off by Taylor Swift but now when I look at the lyrics, they aren’t that bad as I thought it to be.

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  1. Wow, this was such a heartbreaking poem (no pun intended). Loved reading this poem!

    Uh……I’d say the entire Dork Diaries series. I used to worship them as a middle schooler, but now I’m kind of over it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. That poem is actually really beautiful…like you actually feel it?? ITS SO GOODDD.
    I actually had a best friend in primary school, but we fought for some reason and never had the chance to patch things up so it is all right where we left it. She was my bestie for more than 6 years so I cannot just let her go right? It has been almost 2 years since we haven’t spoken and I don’t think she actually has whatsapp so I cannot text her. There are 90% chances I’ll never see her again. So yeah, it’s quite sad but I wish I could apologize. I think she started it and I made it worse because when people fight with me, I tend to hold grudges…for a lot of time. I know she would probably accept my apology because she is just so caring and forgiving and the best and we will become friends again but I have no form of communicating with her online and I am not brave enough to talk to her through her mother’s number…
    It isn’t exactly responding to the last two paragraphs of your post haha but it is heartbreaking to me. People don’t know that part of me actually. It feels like losing a part of your tiny bubble of happiness around you. Sometimes I remember her and wish things were different? It is like standing on a string where falling on one side will restore that lost part of happiness and the other just losing more.
    Otherwise, your poem was really beautiful. It’s gorgeous actually haha. *insert smile and the yellow heart emoji here*

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    1. Oh my.
      First of all, thank you so so so so much. And second, I’m really sorry for not replying earlier. I have boards going on this month and it’s so hard to keep track of comments when I don’t have wp on my phone XD.
      I’ve lost many friends over the years. Mainly because of me moving away or them moving away. I’m forever scared that someone will leave me behind, like i’ve been left so many times. But I get that. You know, a fight between two people isn’t unilateral, both of them have a part to play. And both of them have to solve it too.
      I’m familiar with that aisle of ‘what ifs’. What you said makes so much sense.
      Thank you so much!! I hope you patch things up, and even if you don’t, I hope you find acceptance of not having her.

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      1. I totally understand haha. We dont have boards here but I relate to exams always needing extra attention. When I have exams I am just all over the place trying to revise this and that. Its pretty stressful. Being left behind is something I am also scared of mainly because I really love the people whom I am friends with. And having friends means cherishing them as well and losing them is just so hard to process. And thanks for the beautiful words๐Ÿงก

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