I said ‘Oh my, what a marvelous album’ | Reviewing the Vault Songs from RED TAYLOR’S VERSION

*omg what am I doing*

*how does even work*

*why am I not studying for boards which start in a week*


This is your very own Sep, who’s here to destroy with the masterpiece of 2021- RED TV.

For those who’ve been living under a literal rock. Miss Taylor Alison Swift realised the Re-recorded version and destroyed us all.

November 12th, is a day I shall regret for every moment in my life.

I had a science preboard in the morning and came home and found out the album got realeased. I started listening, then remembered I have sst preboard on November 13th ๐Ÿ™‚. So stopped listening and studied right till 7pm at night.

Then I thought I would go listen to the album till night. But my laptop stopped working๐Ÿ™‚

Literally. The cursor, wouldn’t FUDGING CLICK.

So, I studied again. Then, I went out. It was absolutely important to attend a potluck or my mother would’ve sacrificed me. So we came back at 12 am. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I had planned to wake up at 5. Study til 5:30, listen to all too well short film and study again. But when the alarm went off, I was exhausted, so I snoozed it. And proceeded to not wake up till 7.๐Ÿ™‚

I finally watched the atw short film today, and listened to it today (Nov 13) too.

Let’s start with the review!

Listen to it while reading, it’ll be so therapeutic, I’m telling you

Better Man

The starting is so good. It’s like this alarm I would want. I love how it seems like she’s speaking to us. And it’s slower than most Red songs.

‘The bravest thing I ever did was run’.

Omigosh the chorus. It’s so good. I can literally hear her country roots? It’s like. A mashup of red and fearless. Ahh the drums. I love the dreams. I love her voice. Damn, Taylor is so poetic. All of her songs are so poetic. They rhyme, they make sense, they sound good. They are soooo good.

This song isn’t really a favourite, but I do appreciate the feelings behind it. I almost feel like I’ve been broken up you know?

Absolutely adore the bridge. She has a way with bridges. There isn’t one song of hers that doesn’t have an epic bridge.

Nothing New


This is giving me super inspiring vibes. The start is BRILLIANT.

Omigosh. This is so inspiring. Every girl needs to hear this.

Criticize the way you fly

When you’re soarin’ through the sky

Shoots you down and then they sigh, and say

“She looks like she’s been through it”

Phoebe’s voice fits this perfectly. The lyrics are beautiful. I honestly love the start the best. I love the vulnerability that come with this song.

All these vault tracks are so emotional.


The start is so catchy it’s making me laugh. Infact the whole song is so catchy it’s making me laugh and smile and grin. It’s so straightforward and different from other songs on the album. MAKING ME LAUGH AGAIN.

(or maybe that has to do with the fact I’m lyric pranking Mr Editor with Nothing New lyrics)

I love the way she says ‘What about your promises, promises’.

‘What about your promises, promises?’

Message in a bottle

OOOH. This is making me want to go to a night party and dance.

Let me focus on the lyrics now. The beat is *excellentata motors*

Ahh. I love how upbeat it is. I love when she goes ‘I I I’. This is so making into my morning playlist. When I have tons of upbeat songs. The chorus. Please take me to a Message In A Bottle themed party.

‘Cause you could be the one that I love
I could be the one that you dream of


I bet you think about me

I just watched the music video with Mr Editor. And I have to say, it was SUCH a fun video. It had all easter eggs (the red scarf!), (the red dress!), (her red nail paint!). Mr Superior Thinkin’, reminds me of Mr Perfectly Fine. This is such a fun song.

And a vampire song.

Does it make you feel sad
That the love that you’re lookin’ for
Is the love that you had?

I have no idea why. But I feel like it’ll go perfect with Taylor’s cray cray videos. Like delicate?

The ending is so good.


Forever winter

This ‘he says’ way of writing is so cool.

AHHH. 3AM again.

The lyrics are so beautiful. Damn. How does Taylor even come up with masterpieces like this every day. I just want to meet her. So bad. Please Taylor. Invite me to a secret session. I’ll die right after it. One less carbon dioxide producer for the Earth. Do it for the planet, if not for me?

*I can’t believe I’m blackmailing Taylor Swift*

And this song is such an apt representation of mental health of a partner. You go Tay!!

Too young to know it gets better

I’ll be summer sun for you forever

Forever winter if you go


First of all. I love that cute 1,2,3,4 at the start.

‘Don’t say no’ sounds so good.

This song is so CUTE. SO WHOLESOME. It reminds me of rom coms. The first thing that came to my mind was dropping off you’re significant other at the airport. I literally imagined a red scarf and a locket and a frame. *sobs*

I love the simplicity of this song. It’s not upbeat, it doesn’t have oh-so-amazing lyrics, it doesn’t have a music video to hype it up. It’s just so simple, so adorable. Talking about such an innocent and naive thought.

I could see this view a hundred times
Pale blue sky reflected in your eyes

We’ve all thought about running way from everything and then going somewhere where we’re happy. The fact that Taylor did such a good job putting it into words is remarkable. And Ed, god I swear I need these two people to collab more.

The Very First Night

I drive down different roads but they all lead back to you

This is the third time I’m hearing this song.

I love the intro and how it goes into the first verses. It’s a really nice rong. It’s so upbeat and cool and just. It’s my new favorite vault song. The chorus is so catchy!

Also if you didn’t know I’m a sucker for the part where she tells a stroy. She uses ‘So it Goes’ in this album so much and, I’m so here for it.

This song is innocent, probably something you’d want to listen to when you’re NOT over a breakup, and believe you guys can get back together. This song is so perfect for rom com breakups before makeups. It’s giving me holy ground vibes. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

‘Cause they don’t know about the night in the hotel
They weren’t ridin’ in the car when we both fell
Didn’t read the note on the Polaroid picture
They don’t know how much I miss you



All too Well 10 minute version

this is going to be LONG.

Oh, your sweet disposition
And my wide-eyed gaze

It’s here. I feel like crying everytime I hear it. Her vocals are so much better at me. ATW sounds so much better with her mature vocals. THE NEW LYRICS.


I love the whole tune from 2:11 to 2:50. Like the patriarchy keys, the grave part. It’s just so cool, the lyrics are fab and I just. I adore it.

And you were tossing me the car keys
Fuck the patriarchy, keychain on the ground
We were always skipping town
And I was thinking on the drive down
Anytime now he’s gonna say it’s love
You never called it what it was

‘Til we were dead and gone and buried
Check the pulse and come back swearing, it’s the same
After three months in the grave
And then you wonder where it went to
As I reached for you, but all I felt was shame
And you held my lifeless frame

I definitely prefer this version over the original. The new lyrics are so meaningful. Did you guys see the performance on SNL?? I was literally shivering in that.

I just can’t say anymore.

Taylor I worship you.

also why isn’t double-cross a phrase already.

They say: All’s well that ends well
But I’m in the new hell every time

The later 5 minutes are so snarky. Like. Wow. How does Taylor have sarcasm, snark, wisdom, sadness, loneliness, charity, fun, cheerful, mature and every damn feeling pinned down so well. Like what is this woman. No, you tell me.

The last 3 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Please play this everywhere. Please play this when I die. The song goes from autumn to winter and it’s like a transitioning from love to breakup. So beautiful.

‘Cause in this city’s baring cold
I still remember the first fall of snow
And how it glistened as it fell
I remember it all too well

The ‘I was there, I was there’ it’s literally perfect. It’s like uttering a prayer. Please hold my headphones I need to go cry for a breakup I never had.

(Wind in my hair, I was there, I was there)
(Down the stairs, I was there, I was there)
(Sacred prayer, I was there, I was there)
(It was rare, you remember it)

Okay. Yes. I’m done freaking out. I’m so sorry for this huge post and the inconsistency in my posts. Guys, boards starting in like a WEEK. So I’ll not be around much. I don’t want to go, but, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Have you heard RED TV? If yes, what’s your favourite song?

Let me know in the comments below.

Love you all!!

32 thoughts on “I said ‘Oh my, what a marvelous album’ | Reviewing the Vault Songs from RED TAYLOR’S VERSION

  1. I still haven’t listened to the From the Vault Songs except All too well๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ And the 10 minute version is a masterpiece!
    To be fair, I haven’t listened to the original album, except like 5 songs. And in the rerecorded ones like 7 or maybe 8. Stupid boards.
    Awesome post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YAY! I hope you like them. Oh yes, this year they’re doing term 1 and term 2 aka boards in 2 parts. The first board starts from Nov 30 and it is mcq and the second ones start in March-April. Thank you Ashish!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have STILL not listened to red, I’ve just seen half of the 10 min video and I don’t know when I’ll listen to it๐Ÿ˜ญ, but I hopefully will. Amazing album review! When are your boards starting? ๐Ÿ‘€

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have listened to the whole thing as well!!!

    And I love I bet you think about me and the mv is so good๐Ÿ˜

    Great reviews sep!

    All the best!! Your boards start earlier than mine

    Liked by 1 person

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