Wrap Ups

October wrap up || Well what can I say?

Damn, October finished.

And November’s started.

Only 2 more months left to go to this year?


You know, it’s kindof weird. When I think of it as November, I’m like ‘Yeah, it’s November’. But when I think of it as ‘Only 2 months till 2022’ I go ‘WHAT IN THE NAME OF KAZ BREKKER IS THIS’.

and yes, I’m currently reading Six of Crows.


Okay let’s get started.

Yes I’m aware I’m a week late.

A match made in Mehendi by Sandhya Menon.

Please. I could not have begun my October with a better book. A match made in Mehendi is a PERFECT exam read. Absolutely, gloriously, PERFECT. I mean, if exam reads were invented, they probably were by Sandhya Menon. That’s why, my tbr, consists of her books that I haven’t read. : )

This story is about Simi and that’s what I liked. It’s not like other rom coms where the MC’s life is governed by the idea of her finding love. I mean, our Simi wasn’t even looking for love. I loved all the relationships between Simi and the side characters. The best one, by far, has to be the wholesome sibling bond between Navdeep and Simi. The last few pages had their sibling banter, and that was so so so cool.

There was only 1 fault I found with this book. How in the world of the Barrel, did Simi end up with another Indian, that too, a family friend in the whole of USA? That part, seemed kindof unrealistic. Oh yeah, also, Suraj is super RICH, and basically an Indian celebrity. Tell me, desis in USA, is this so common?

Give this a read if you like strong female protagonists, amazing side characters, are looking for something light and fluffy and adorably awkward to read!

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

This was recommended by Pannaga. Well not really recommended. It was a deal. She reads The Queen’s Rising, and I read this

So, I finally understood where Dexter is from. And I have to say, he’s adorable. The most adorable thing about this book is the friend group. If you don’t know, I’ve always wanted a friend group, of really, really, good friends. I had my trio back in grade 5th. But we.. we drifted. Anywho, it’s so great to see the relationships between these girls. The last scene at the restaurant/dinner/shop, was definitely my favourite.

Read this if you like positive character development, headstrong female leads and adorably cute guitar players.

My life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

I’m glad to inform you, this book, is the only book off my tbr that I’ve read. 🙂

I was expecting this book to be quite interesting. I mean, it was interesting, but it didn’t match my expectations. Very. Unrealistic. I liked the story though, if I remember correctly, it did have an effect on me. But, the guys. The other half of this story literally SUCKED.

Please, I felt like Alex was the one Jackie should end up with, but then he started being a total JERK and it was obvious that he was using Jackie. And Cole, PUHLEASE. This was the whole bad-guy-reformed which is seriously done in a very bad sense. He threw dead family in Jackie’s face but by the end of story we’re made to believe he’s an absolute angel. Cole is way too doublefaced for me. I can’t handle that.

I would recommend that you DON’T read this book. But sure, if you need a light, cringy, cliche exam read, this book has your name on it.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Can I just say how much I loved this book? Like, from now, I’m a huge Jennifer Lynn Barnes fan. Literally, This book rocks. The cover is gorgeous. The cover and the title was what pulled me in first. And then my oh my, the synopsis!!!

Swayer Taft, is thrown into high society, with an estranged mother. The only reason she accepted her grandmother’s proposal to be the grandaughter she wants is- to find the man who is her father Little does she know, on her journey, she’ll be unearthing lots of secrets, most of which are guarded by snakes.

I really really loved this book and you what? It’s a 5 star read for me. It’s definitely one of my favourites. You should try it out if you need mystery, drama, suspense, confusion, and nail biting at 3 AM in your life.

Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This is the sequel to Little White Lies. I was kindof put off by the cover of this book, but that’s only because my silly little brain did not understnad it and thought it was that usual good girl, hands clasped picture. But if you look at it closely, you see it’s actually very different from what it seems like!

Which describes this book perfectly.

Normally, sequels don’t live up to their books, BUT this one. I believe it beats the first book. It had me guessing at every line, every damn page. Although the twist in the end was something I had expected, I loved it very much.

It does get a bit fast paced and confusing in the end, what with all the ties and stuff. I literally drew up a flowchart of who’s who after I finished reading.

Read this if you want anticipation, adrenaline rush, suspense, drama and mystery gallore!

Of Princes and Promises by Sandhya Menon


I really enjoyed reading ‘Of Curses and Kisses’ last year. It was such a cute and amazing read. The thing is, I kindof forgot what happened in it. So I was completely muddleheaded to this sequel. I did enjoy this. Yes. Caterina is a really really good protagonist.

There’s just something so endearing about ice queens who are strong, independent but also compassionate. And Rahul and Caterina have officially won the award for this month’s favourite couple! They are sooooo adorable together.

Rahul is so sweet whenever he’s around Caterina and the book had me awwing at all times. Sandhya Menon is an author I can turn to at any time, and I’m glad to say, she didn’t disappoint me!

If you need a light fluffy read, that also keeps you engaged, this book’s for you.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

After the persistence of Rayndrop and Pbj, I finally decided to read this.

I haven’t finished it yet, although by the time this post gets published, I probably would’ve read it.

I’m not going to write a review for it here, because november is when I read this book.

Morals= higgggggggggghhhhhhhh

Okay so-


I have exams. Boards. This month. Also there’s festivals till like half of this month. Hence, I cannt read anything that requires too much investment. Hence I present my light and fluffy tbr. ALSO, I will ABSOLUTELY follow this tbr. Unlike other months, I WILL.


Katy Perry.

I know I’ve been listening to her, but more than Shawn?


Sooooo stats went down this month. Which is kindof making me sad.

I mean, I know I was inconsistent, and I abandoned you for days, but it’s just really disappointing to see my stats go low for the first time. For all the other months, they’ve only gone up.

Oh well.

These are the posts I published this month-

I’m going to disappear under notebooks and papers and pens.

Rain, rain, don’t go away.

A brand new blog series!

Unlimited belief.


Another bunch of Gibberish

A little idea!

Visiting my TBR (after years) || Finding delightful reads || Enter at your own risk

Happy Birthday to Me!!

October was a sweet and sour month for me.

It started off with one of my best friend’s farewell part. She was my irl mother, one of the purest and funniest people I’ll ever met. Still miss you!!

Then as we moved forward, the season of festivals started! Navratri!!

Navratri this year wasn’t too much fun. But I’m glad to see, slowly we’re getting into before covid festivities. Also I went out with my friends and Mr Editor! Isn’t that amazing?! We even went on a rollercoaster!!!!

Then, exams started. I gave the first two exams, and then fell sick. Yep, Sep here was very sick and hospitalised. I’m fine now, so please don’t you worry! I’m back home and right as rain.

Then it was my birthday.

I have to say, this birthday was THE best birthday I’ve ever had. I’m not lying. It was so fun. My birthday started off with climbing stairs *laughs* and ended with my limping friend and I walking. ZD.

So much fun this month had. So many new experiences. This has been my favourite month of 2021. Let’s see if November and December beat our Octo!

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