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A little idea!

Hey people!

Since I’m officially out of my bookish hiatus, I was brainstorming. (Well, listening to New Romantics and having WP open)

So, ‘scarlet letters’ came up. And I was captivated with those two words. I mean, how nice they sound!

So what I wanted, was fictional characters you want me to write letters to, please please please listen to this idea.

Here’s how this works-

You give me a fictional character in the form at the end of this post.

I go and see if I know that character.

If yes, I write a letter to that fictional character and post it right here on the blog.

If no, I file the book into my tbr.

I’m super excited for this guys! It’ll only work if you guys send in the recommends tho! So get down there, write the character and the respective book. And yes, you can write more than one.

Here’s the form-

There we go! See you guys whenever I post next! ; )

52 thoughts on “A little idea!

  1. Ohh nice…but m not filling the form too much work..but I’ll tell this to u tomorrow in person if u come to school 🙂

    M lazyyyyyy , n u can’t do anything bout it *shrugs*…I think my laziness will go away when we go cycling… XD

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  2. I hope I am correct

    Haaaaapppppyyyyy Birthdaaaaayyy Sep, The Queen. Scratch that. Goddess of Sarcasm!!!✨
    You’re one of the most funny, sarcastic(like ofc), poetic and creative people I know of!
    Keep writing and be the way you are coz you are aww-some!!!!!!❤✨

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