I remember the way
You were looking at me that day
Like you wanted
To cherish, love and hold me

So you asked me out
Told me you loved me
Told me to abandon all doubt
Told me it was so obvious
How could I ever not see?

Well, so I trusted you
And gave you my all
Oh but I had no clue
I broke down all my walls
All for you.

And then today happened
You said hello and vanished
Left me all alone with a stranger
Should’ve known you were a danger

But I didn’t give up on us
No, not yet
Didn’t start a fuss
Planned to give you another chance
Would’ve said yes
If you asked me to dance

But you didn’t
You left my high and dry
Is this the you that was hidden?

Tell me,
When my eyes asked you ‘why’
Why did you ignore them?

Left me standing at the corner
Standing with your friends
Left my hand cold
Among peals of laughter

You know,
Everyone could see
How much I wanted you to be with me
Everyone told you, to at least respect me
But you had to go and get embarrassed
Oh well, nevermind, just answer this
Did you ever love me?
Or was that a façade?


Well well well.

I was supposed to post on friday wasn’t I.

But I had to go have an evening out with friends (and Mr Editor!!).

Don’t read too much into this poem people, it’s partly based on real life experiences.

You know what. When you make a plan, damn well stick to it.

That’s all I’m going to say. I DO NOT want to go on full rant mode here.

That’s a conversation for my diary and me.

Well! Monday motivation! Have a great week peopleeeeeeeeeeeee.



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