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Unlimited belief

I want them to know
To scream it at the top on my lungs
But the world we live in now
Doesn’t understand fun

I want them to know
Every poem I write,
Is always meant for you
I want them to see
Our unlimited belief

Most of all,
I want you to know
You are my always person
And I’ll never let you go

Unlimited belief is one of my most favourite poems. I wrote this when I was fed up. Fed up of those stereotypes, those chains holding happiness behind. (that sounds poetic. damn.)

To kickstart this series, I thought this would be the perfect poem, because 1) it’s been in my drafts for too long 2)it’s pretty and 3) what better way to start a series than with tons of positivity?

So yeah. There it was. The first unpolished, raw poem right before you.

Do you relate to it?

Do you have your own reason for unlimited belief?

Happy Tuesday!!

35 thoughts on “Unlimited belief

  1. Whoop
    Great poetry. I must say, I can’t even go as deep. My poetry is uh, nonsense. Both in words and the randomness within.
    You have been bestowed that honor.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh hello! Welcome around here (I sound like an air hostess when I say that). Thank you so so much!

      Hey let me tell you a secret. All these poems I write? I think they are utter nonsense. I think everyone thinks their poetry is bad, but trust me, I’m sure your poems are beautiful in their own way.



      See you around

      Liked by 1 person

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