I’m going to disappear under papers and notebooks and pens.

Hello there,

Yes you read that right.

So the thing is, the people here have decided to take preboards for all of October. Boards are like these mega hyped exams we have in grades 12th and 10th. I unfortunately have to give them too.

I think I’ll be mia for most of Octo and maybe Nov too. : (

Don’t want to give these stupid exams. But what can I do?

I’ll be posting erratically if I do post at all. Although I think you can expect a poem every friday. I never seem to run out of poems. They will lack ft images tho. Between sample papers and NCERT je simply doesn’t have time.

And that’s it. Wish me luck!!

~ Sep

58 thoughts on “I’m going to disappear under papers and notebooks and pens.

  1. Haha wow boards and pre boards are terrifying. Even terrifying when you haven’t submitted the project to the scariest teacher in your school. Why did they want to have it all in October 😭 Well, I was on a hiatus but I just HAD to read this post. Your creativity is wonderful! Good luck for your boards!😊

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    1. I know right. Terrifying describes them perfectly. Oh god, I relate. We have sooo many projects. I mean, they should tone it down for our board year. That’s such a good compliment. Thank you Roshni!


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