I’m writing this for you
For the only one who’s seen the real me

We had our fair share,
Of days that were blue
But with you, it’s a nice ride,
When every fight ends with a tale that’s new

I didn’t know how to start this,
I still don’t know how to end it
What I do know,
Is that I have a huge grin on my face
And hopefully you do too.

I want you to know,
How much you mean to me
I know I never say much about it, but,
I hope you hear those unspoken words.
Those lines I find too cliche to say
Those songs that make me blush
Those read-between-the-lines I subtly leave out

We joked about my poems having too many questions,
I don’t even know if this counts as one,
Right now, it’s a way to cut nervous tension.
Maybe it’s a string of texts in disguise.

I never thought we’d end up like this
A little over a year of us,
All this dazzling light and blitz
A story that always needs to be continued.

Remember the time,
When we were just friends?
That time,
When we didn’t talk till the day’s end?

Ahh, there are the questions again,
But for every question of yours,
My answer would always be ‘yes’
I love you
And I know you do too.


This poem, is very very very veryyyyyyyyyy close to my heart. Very close.

And it’s for a person very close to my heart.

And yes, I’m aware I sound foolish but I do not care that I sound foolish.

This, piece of poetry, is for my boyfriend.

Yes, you read that right.

I, the queen of awkwardness, has got a boyfriend.

He’s also my editor, you all can call him Mr Editor. ZDDDD

That’s all for today. Go and digest this important piece of info. ZD.

See you guys on Monday!

Happy four months Mr Editor!

65 thoughts on “Hey.

  1. I’m not aww-ing. I hate aww-ing. But happy anniversary Sep and Sep’s muse. Will be waiting for the 20 months anniversary celebration(many more month anniversaries actually)(warning in disguise, btw) When’s the party btw?

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Omg…….this is so heartfelt, heart melting and SUPER adorable all at the same time!! Aah, my heart 😆😆😆😆

    Also, a MILLION congratulations!! This was such a sweet dedication to Mr Editor, and hope you two have a great time together ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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