A collab on quotes with Ashish!

Hello bloggers and the world beyond!

I’m back with another collab! Ashish, a wonderful blogging friend and I decided to collab. We had quite contrasting interest, but Ashish came up with an E-P-I-C idea.

(which you probably know from the title)

For this collab, we’ve given each other 10 topics and we had to design a quote on that. Below you’ll find my topic’s and Ashish’s quote graphics.

We designed the graphics for each other, so the featured image you saw was Ashish’s work, and the images you’ll see below are made by him too!

Also, there’s a surprise element, an 11th quote! We both are going to find out a quote which we think describes the other the best and post it as the bonus quote. (So I’ll post a quote that I think suits Ashish here, and he’ll do the same on his blog)

None of us know the 11th quote, so it’s going to be a surprise for us too! I’m soooo excited!

Head over here to see my favourite quotes on Ashish’s topics.

Now that I’ve explained what this collab is about, let’s get scrolling along!

Ashish’s quotes

1. Friendship


3. Self-trust

4. Maturity

5. Confidence

6. Making Mistakes

7. Happiness

7. Hope

8. Curiosity

10. Anticipation

And those were Ashish’s quotes! I must say all, of them are so wise and so so eye-opening.

Now here’s a quote that I think describes Ashish well-

And with that ends the super fun collab! I love all those quotes up there.

I’m heading over to Ashish’s blog to see his 11th quote for me. Join me there guys!

See you all on Friday!

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