Twin sight

Do you gaze into the endless night?

Wonder if very far away,

Another looks at the twin sight?

While in the gentle breeze, leaves sway.

Do you ever wonder what lies,

Beyond our sight, beyond these lights?

If out there hides a surprise,

Past our spite, past our rites?


That was a bit weird. I wrote that poem eons ago. Well, not eons, but a year ago, and infact, it wasn’t even a poem, it was me scribbling to be song lyrics. I have sooo many of those, that I’ve lost count now.

I was studying for my exam today, like, in the morning. I know right! SEP, awake early? Trust me, I had a 5 minute debate with myself about if I should wake up or not. And then I did.

So I picked up a random notebook to create flowcharts for my exam revision (something I do for last minute revision) and I flipped a page and EXCELLENTATA MOTORS! I found that! And since I’m lazy like that, I decided it is going to be Friday’s post, unless I come up with something better. (I probably won’t).

NOTE- This was written on Tuesday 24/8/2021.

That’s all people! Have a good and relaxing weekend. : D.



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