Chit-Chat Interview Collab with Maggie!

Hello, hello, hellooooooooooo!

Welcome to another round of let’s-type-the-weirdest-intro.


HOW’S THE JOSH? (for Indian readers only)

HOW’S YOUR DAY? (for worldwide readers)


Recently, Maggie, reached out and I decide to collab.

She’s such an inspirational blogger, I mean, honestly people, Maggie’s dedication is just…*faints* I have tons to learn from her about blogging and art. Although I’m truly bad at art. A round of applause for the wonderful Maggie please!

*cue applause*

We gave each other 5 questions, that’ll we’ll be answering on our blogs. GIFs and answers have some sort of epic friendship, so I’m sorry not sorry for bombarding you with them.

Let’s get scrollingggggggggg.

Maggie’s Questions-

1. If you could spend the day in one fictional world, which one would you go to and what would you do there?

I would definitely go to TQR world, not because I’m obsessed with it (well, fine, a little bit of that too). I want to go there because honestly, I’m in awe of the world Rebecca Ross has created. I would want to go to Magnalia House, be an arden of knowledge under Cartier. And then if possible, go ahead a few months. Spend some time in the McQuinn land and the Morgane land with Aodhan. And get a blue rose pendant.

2.What are a few types of blog posts you haven’t written (yet) but you think they would be fun to write someday? (i.e. recipe, photography, product review, etc)

Oh. I’m not sure, I would want to do something creative. I do a lot of photography, so maybe I’d be interested in that

3. Is there an animal you feel best matches your personality?


I’m just going to go say Artic fox. Because it’s sweet, it’s arrogant, a loner in a pack, and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. * something I don’t share with it* So yeah. Artic fox, through and through.

4. What are a few song lyrics that really resonate with you?

I find a way to relate with every song that I hear. But there is definitely one song that had me going ‘WOAH’ and it’s not by Taylor Swift. Here it is-

They'll never know just who you are
But they can't turn your bright star dark
They'll try to hold your spirit down
Couldn't do it then, can't do it now
They'll try to tell you who to be
But they can't change the way you feel
Can't tame a wild heart
You are free, free

*cries* I love these lyrics. I almost cried when I first heard this song. Yeah, I’m emo like that.

5. Which things on your bucket list are most important to you to achieve?

Honestly, I’ve begun to question my bucket list. After I had a look at it, it isn’t so accurate anymore. I think I’m going to reconstruct it. But one of them would definitely involve travelling and meeting Rebecca Ross. Believe me people, when TQR becomes famous, and I become recognised as number 1 fan, you’ll all be astonished.

And that’s a wrap! Do remember to check out my questions and Maggie’s answers right –HERE.

What animal does your soul resonate with?

*this DID NOT turn into a yoga class*

37 thoughts on “Chit-Chat Interview Collab with Maggie!

  1. Happy Monday! Yo, how’s the Josh? ZD
    ooo I’d love your photography post!
    The Artic Fox is AdOrAbLe.. I really feel it would match your personality! Cuz it’s sweet and gorgeous like you! (I don’t know how you look tho- maybe on the inside?)
    Welp my bucket list is kinda messed up too-
    *Proceeds to her whiteboard to reconstruct it*
    Ahh great post! Loved your answers, now heading over to Maggie’s blog to read her answers!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww thanks so much for your sweet words! πŸ˜πŸ’œ
    this collab was amazayn and your answers were incredible! ah same with the bucket list thing… mine needs revising and updating too. All in good time! πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 2 people

    High Sir!
    I read the first question and I was like “She’s gonna say TQR isn’t she” and then *hair flips* my prediction came out correct!
    I’d LOVE to see your photosssssss
    And *cries* yes omg look at these floof white babies look at this floof so much floof very floof my heart can’t take all the floofy cuteness-

    Liked by 2 people

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