Everyone has eyes.

But do they really see? What you hide so well, deep beneath?

Does a small glance convey, words that were never said, words that’ll never be said?

Do eyes tell you of a long lost smile?

Betrayed by friends, a face turned vile?

Does the colour change, perhaps?

After hurt comes with mishaps?

They say ‘look at that gorgeous smile, oh what a lovely child’.

While I say, look at the eyes.

A thousand unspoken words shine in the wild.

‘Cause everyone has eyes. It just depends on what you see.

(Inspired by my eyes, that I look into while wearing contacts. ZD)

Hey you guysssss. This wasn’t quite a normal post was it? It’s pretty deep for a Monday morning. I actually wrote it a few weeks ago, and I was really proud of it, so I thought I’ll share it here.

Actually, for some reason (probably my brain believing it has achieved wisdom) I keep on drafting beautiful prose in my mind while listening to music. So I was thinking about doing a series, where I start off by a song lyric and then write my views on it? I already have two ideas for theseeeeeeeee. I have no name of the series, as of yet. But we’ll be having it every Friday.

Do tell me what you thought about this. I am so nervous putting this out for all of you to see (no pun intended).

See you all on Monday!!

(pun intended here tho)

65 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Oh why were you nervous, Sep? This is beautifullllllllllllll. And true. **applause** I love it! ๐Ÿ’™

    (It also reminds me about Shabh’s eye “”””reveal””””)

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  2. This poem is beautifully written and so true…
    ‘A thousand unspoken words shine in the wild.’ – This was my most favorite line!
    Oooo yay I’m waiting for your ‘Song lyric reviews’ series!! Sounds exciting!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You should write more poetry girl! Listen to this trelawney like frnd. I do predict much. But like her, some things do come true. And the fog, the tea leaves and all the other related stuff are showing u and poetry. I had actually seen u, eyes and lines inside the crystal ball just last week!

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